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Primal results vs. Body for life results

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  • Primal results vs. Body for life results

    So, just earlier today I was thinking back to when I did Body for Life eating and workouts. I included a "free day" (I'm talking very free). I had very good results and for once started feeling a bit okay with myself. Unfortunately, with eating disorder issues, depression, and such I am now back to where I started (about 2 dress sizes bigger).

    Body for Life WORKED for me. I ate about 20 grams of carbs 6x a day as well as about 20g protein, lots of water, vegetables, and some fat.

    The primal lifestyle hasn't been quite as effective. I'm sure it's my own fault.

    What I'm wondering is... if I had great results with BFL - is that maybe what my body needs vs. primal eating?

    I'm afraid that I'm using the primal way of eating as just an "excuse" to eat fat.

    thanks for your input.


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    What does a daily menu look like for you stinika?

    How long have you been primal?

    My whole life, I've felt like an animal......but I've ignored my instincts. I ignored what I really am. That will never happen again.

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      Christina, as someone who has gone from 240 lbs. to 140 lbs. to 198lbs, I completely understand where you are coming from.

      I am familiar with both approaches.

      BFL was born out of bodybuilding culture: low fat, low-moderate carb, high protein. The typical BFL meal is a lean chicken breast and a pile of steamed veggies with a quarter-cup of brown rice.

      It's exercise prescriptions are also conventional, separating "cardio" from "weight-lifting" and not emphasizing the effectiveness of short, high-intensity sessions. Chronic cardio, in effect.

      If you haven't gotten and read the book, PRIMAL BLUEPRINT, please do so, it will clear up a lot of misconceptions about the role of fat in a good diet.

      One thing also: if you shift your focus from a tense preoccupation with losing weight to developing a fun, relaxing, vitality-building, healthy lifestyle, it will actually be easier to develop an individualized program for yourself and to actually lose weight.

      As I do this program, I am viewing weight loss as a side effect, not my goal. (My goal really is building health.)

      Because I am recovering from a host of life stressors, including knock-you-on-your-ass extensive sugery, it really feels like a recovery program rather than a weight-loss scheme. Mark's wisdom has helped me see that resting when I am tired (which is frequent) is as important as my activity. Critical bit of programming, that.

      Your body has been stressed by losing and gaining a lot of weight. Try to think of PB as a recovery program, and let your weight loss be a side effect.

      Read the book and see what you think. The science is good. It's a leap to not be afraid of fat, but it will be easier if you read the book. Also, check out the blogs and forum journals of more experienced folks than me----it will give you an idea of what people are actually eating.



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        Thanks. I do have the primal blueprint (it's even signed), but I haven't read it cover to cover yet.

        However, based on my experience - could it be that something like bfl (which DID include brown rice, steel cut oats, etc.) works better for me? Even my free days were crazy and I still had results.

        In actuality, I've gone up about 1 - 1.5 dress sizes (probably not 2) - but I feel flabby.

        My food?

        Yeah ... I do have some issues sticking to pb (ESPECIALLY when I get home from work. I tend to be VERY hungry then and will not always make the best choices - these choices are 99% better than the average American, but they're not "great").

        I usually have a hard boiled egg around 10:30 (I get up around 5 workout, then work). Lunch 12:00 = meat and veggies and sometimes fruit.

        Some Kombucha (8oz or less)

        Home at 4 and that's when it gets rough.

        Maybe I should eat more in the am?




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          p.s. when i felt "good" I was bordering on a size 6 - fitting in to some, but not all. now I'm an 8 - but sometimes have to go to a 10.

          I'm 31.


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            I think starting your day with a bigger breakfast might help stinika. And, personally, I've noticed that when i drink Kombucha, sometimes (not always) I crave sweet stuff. So maybe that is actually sabotaging you?

            On the flip side, it might be possible that your body is better able to metabolize and thrive on a higher dose of carbs. I think there's a metabolic typing diet that looks at this issue (Underground Wellness for more info).

            Really, it's hard to offer more advice without seeing a detailed typical day of eating for you. It could be, simply, that you're letting too many carbs in after 4pm and that is keeping your body caught up in a cycle of cravings.

            And, now that you're in your 30's, it could be your metabolism is slowing down. Ha! All sorts of possibilities!

            I wish you luck in your primal journey as you figure out what works best for you. If I recall, in the Primal Blueprint the maintenance range for carbs is up to 150g so the way you were eating in BFL would maybe still fit within the guidelines of the PB (though you'd have to do some soul searching on the oats and rice).


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              Almost sounds like a carb crash at 4pm - and perhaps not enough calories in general. One egg many hours after a workout is pretty light eating.

              I wonder if you are not getting enough good fats in your diet. Don't be afraid of saturated and mono-saturated fats and omega-3s (think almonds, pecans, advocado, coconut oil, olive oil, cod liver oil). Try adding these to your lunch.

              Also - be prepared for arriving home - have some good paleo foods prepared in the fridge ready for you when you get home so you can grab and go.

              And of course the standard 'diet' advice - get rid of all the sugar, starch and grains from your pantry to minimize the temptation!



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                Thanks Jen and GL.

                today I tried eating a bit more earlier in the day. No workout this morning as last night was a late night. This is what my day looks like so far.

                7:00 - Muscle milk light (160cal, 20 protein, 9 carbs, 6? fat)

                10:00 - 2 hard boiled eggs (used to only have one)

                Feeling MUCH more hungry than usual.

                12:00 - 1 chicken sausage from trader joes, spinach, 1 carrot, radishes, 1/2 avocado, 3 oz sweet potato (yes, it's a carb and not really primal, but I'm just experimenting).

                5 oz kombucha, seltzer water

                1:00 piece of dark chocolate

                now it's 3:00 and my stomach is LITERALLY growling. I am usually not this hungry when I only eat my one egg at 10 and then lunch.

                Regarding nuts - I have to be careful as I have an odd nut allergy in that if I eat nuts and exercise, I have a bad allergic reaction (hard to swallow, hives, etc). Sometimes this happens even if I don't exercise as well - but I've been diagnosed with exercise induced anaphylaxis.

                Adding more coconut oil would be good. I have some at home.

                THanks for the advice!


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                  I, too, had great results with BFL. I lost 35 lbs and dropped to about 12% BF. However, I could not sustain it. So far, in 2.5 weeks, I have lost 7 lbs. and I am exercising and eating in a way that can last a lifetime.


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                    I'm not sure I'd call that menu Primal: not nearly enough fat.


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                      I will never understand how someone can eat just ONE egg.

                      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                        Only if it's an ostrich egg! Haha


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                          No where near enough fat and/or protein. Still way too many carbs. What is Muscle Milk Light? Doesn't sound very Primal to me.

                          As many here will tell you, steer away from nuts. They seem to do weight loss harm way beyond the calories. Some pretty knowledgeable folk attribute this to the high content of PUFA's.


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                            I know the Muscle Milk light wasn't optimal; but I grabbed it on the way out and drank it. The last one I had was probably 2 months ago.

                            More fat? I'm not trying to "not" have fat... how would I bump up the fat in these meals?

                            I usually don't have the sweet potato either - but I did today as a "trial".

                            Dinner was filet mignon a salad and the rest of the sweet potato with sour cream, butter and cheese.

                            Also had some papaya (I know... more carbs

                            So... for tomorrow what do you suggest for my breakfast?

                            2 hardboiled eggs? (one at 7;30 and one at 10?) I just don't know what else to eat here.

                            Then dinner leftovers for lunch.

                            I guess i'm just a little stuck. Maybe coconut milk and papaya too?

                            I have string cheese that I could bring.

                            It just needs to be easy, clean, and something that I have at home.

                            Thanks again. I'm determined to get the primal thing down. More fat... hmmmm.


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                              My apologies for not reading the entire thread...short on time. Many people have a hard time losing weight on a primal diet due to a huge calorie consumption. When you're eating a lot of fat it's very easy to blow your BMR out of the water. Some here will tell you calories aren't that important, but at the end of the day it matters. You can't eat unlimited calories of anything and not worry about gaining weight. Many times it requires several weeks or months of research on a good nutritional website to see what specific portions contain. Once you learn about the foods you eat on a normal basis you don't need to count anymore, you just know how much to eat.