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    Hey Folks am in Northern Colorado, can any one recommend some good places/resources to get organic grass fed beef and jerky? Please.

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    check out Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food That will help you find local sources. Then invest in a large dehydrator. I'm making jerky today actually. My family of 4 will easily eat 8 fresh pounds of meat worth of jerky in 2 days. One day if I allowed it!
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      I have the same issue with my girlfriend eating my homemade Jerky. Despite my making big batches she'll and her daughter will devour as much as I make for them. Fortunately for me though, I make two kinds. The kind I make for them and my personal stash. Theirs is spicy from bhut jolokia in the marinade and I add a coating to mine before I dehydrate. If mine weren't so hot wouldn't be able to make it fast enough.


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        Originally posted by roadannii
        Stuff buying it - but a dehydrator, they are pretty cheap, search the net for a recipe, get some meat and make your own Im in Australia and its sooooo expensive to buy for such a small quantity and the time it takes to make your own is bugger all.
        And it tastes WAY better. Maybe not your first couple of batches though, but you will get better I promise.
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          is there a good place to order the been online?


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            Homegrown cow is another place to look as many of the farmers listed on there will ship their products.

            Also, jerky just isn't as good after I had my first batch pf pemmican.
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