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My Primal Journal. Much help needed!

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  • My Primal Journal. Much help needed!

    Keeping track should be a good idea. I have began to eat more fat and less carbs. I have to say though, I was used to eating every couple of hours through out the day. Now, Ive cut out about 2 meals I think. But I still get in around the same amount of calories I think. I hated having to always have food around just to be sure to eat every couple of hours. Now that I am trying this out though, I have to say it has not benefited me yet. I seemed to have gained more fat than I had on before. I think perhaps my body is going into shock since it was used to eating many mini meals instead of maybe like 4. I like fruit but I can go without eating some on most days, but I will usually crave at least 1/2 a nana at times. I wish to be able to eat this as I want and I also love nuts and chocolate! eesh..I would like to find some way of being able to incorporate it all. HELP!

    So far my daily eats looks something like this...if I am posing for previous days, some stuff may not be accurate as far as portions go and what not. But i will try to be as precise as possible. Who really wants to measure everything?!

    Monday February 16, 2010

    Breakfast 8 oclock

    Dont remember exactly but it was something like

    eggs, mustard greens, avocado and probably salsa

    Weight training 11-12:30

    1 mile warm up jog

    Bench Press-3 sets 10-12 50lbs (heavy for me)

    Incline Bench-3 sets 1 of 10 w/50, other 2 at 10 w/ 45lbs

    Pull Ups (can't really do these yet, so modified with the kick and pull up, eventually I should build enough strength to pull me all the way up.)-3 sets 10-12

    Biceps-Arm curl with machine-3 sets 15 lbs

    -Dumbbell curl 3 sets-12 10lbs

    20 mins bike

    Shake: 1 scoop Super Quad the daily vitamin (thought the vitamin would give me some energy and help me not be so tired, but I ended up napping anyway)

    Class at 3, was wanting to wait till after class to eat, but I was lagging majorly! I ate "lunch?" around 2:30 before class

    chicken breast, mixed veggies salad + 1/2 nana with pb

    went to class and felt pretty decent. I actually had a good amount of energy when I got out so,

    I just got some vibrams so I wanted to try them out and it was a beautiful day! So I slapped them on and went for a walk/run stroll+some additional duck and rolls (trying to perfect those). It was fun to pretend that someone was chasing me.

    around 5 or so I drank some 8th continent light soy milk+ I think more pb and celery and drank a cup of Yogi tea: Active Body on my way to bellydance.

    belly dance class from 6:30-8:30

    Dinner at 9 oclock

    chicken breast, avocado, collard greens, red pepper, mustard, balsamic vinaigrette, broccoli

    dinner was supposed to be my last meal, but I ended up having to stay up really late and snacked on some cottage cheese and pb:/


    Tuesday February 17, 2010

    BF 8oclock- yesterday was

    1/2-1 cup decaf coffee,

    almond flour pancakes (1/2 cup almond flour, 3 egg whites, 1 egg, vanilla, cinnamon, baking soda) + 1/2 banana

    exercise around 10:30 or 11= walk/jog on treadmill for an hour, high and low inclines

    lunch around 12:15= salad with 2 slices turkey and remainder of the fat free cottage cheese (trying to equal up to at least 25 g of protein and I know fat free is out of the question but it was the "remainder". I use it as a protein source often) veggies=cauliflower, cucumber, kale, turnip greens, yellow squash, baby tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette (store bought), 1tbsp flax seed <There wasn&#39;t very much fat in this meal I must admit. I am not used to taking in alot of fat after a work out.

    Maybe I should?

    around 3:30 I was hungry again. I had beef jerky with me so I snacked on that and some pistachios and almond mix + a glass of 8th continent light soy milk original and some pb and celery <<crazy combo...probably not so good.

    cup of yogi tea: Active body around 5

    around 6:30 I cut up some cucumber and ate the slices with salsa + 1tbsp flax seed while I cooked my dinner

    Dinner at 7= chicken breast with bout 1/2-1tbsp coconut oil sauteed zuchinni, turnip greens, mushrooms, onion, red pepper, with tomatoe sauce as dressing. Dessert of chavocado pudding (1/2 avocado + cocoa powder and stevia blended and warmed in micro) with a couple of mixed berries.

    I felt really good after this dinner. I was on my feet most of the day and when I sat down afterward to do some homework, I felt pretty focused and relaxed (except that I kept thinking about my belly being puffier now...I don&#39;t want it to get any worse...)

    My chest feels odd though, starting coughin up some flem, what&#39;s up with that?


    February 18,2010

    Bf 8= 3 egg omelette ( remainder spinach, green pepper, onion, mushroom, tomato sauce, comino, black pepper) in some coconut oil <<the coconut oil scares me a bit, I never used to add fat to anything and I am not sure if I am using a good kind or not. It says pure on the container, but I don&#39;t really know how "pure" pure really is.

    don&#39;t drink coffee in the mornings really anymore, but I ground up some espresso roast and had myself a cup <<have to admit, i feel like I can dance forever.

    Today is weights day, So I usually drink a protein shake afterwards. I wanted to try and make this more into a meal though, like perhaps replace my lunch or something so I can try and stay around the 3 meal idea. But I don&#39;t really see that happening. I feel really tired and want to sleep after I work out and drink this. I tried taking a 30 min. power nap after I drank this on monday but I ended up eating still around the 2 hour mark. Maybe add avocado?

    I love pb and almond butter. Maybe I can add that fat to it? I don&#39;t want to give them up.

    to be continued...

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    Warm up:10 min yoga (3 planks, goddess, reverse warrior, chatarangas,chair w twist and extending leg back with bind, v ab pulls on toes, etc)

    Bar on machine is 35lbs

    Lunges 50lbs (25lbs dumbbells) 5 sets warmup=no weight,12,12,10,8

    squates warmup=2 10lb plates 8,(2 35lb plates=105lbs)8,8,10, (2 25lb plates=85lbs) 12

    Lateral Raises (10 lb dumbells) warmup=none, just stretching 4 sets 10,10,10,12

    Decline pushups body weight 12,12,10,12

    Cardio:15mins punching bag free play, box jumps, jumping jacks(squat landing), standing mountain climbers, standing toe touch kicks.


    Primal Shake

    cup (.25) avocado

    1 scoop super quad

    1 (1.5) tbsp almond butter

    1 tbsp coconut oil

    (.12) tsp cocoa powder

    Cals: 463

    Fat: 35.2 (64%)

    Carbs: 13.6 (12%)

    Protein: 28.5(24%)

    This shake kept me steady until 6 oclock!!! freak me out.

    Dinner: 4 oz salmon

    2 slices provolone


    red pepper


    1tbsp olive oil<<<<<<<add another 1/2

    turnip greens


    1/2 low fat cup cottage cheese

    1/4 scoop protein

    1/2 cup 8th continent soy milk

    1 1/2 tbsp almond butter<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<cut out the 1/2 next time.

    Total Day


    Fat:113.9 (60%)

    Protein: 115.8 (28%)

    Carbs: 53.3 (12%)


    Breakfast: 3 eggs


    acorn squash

    almond butter

    8th continent soy milk

    olive oil



    45 mins yoga,

    walk, run downhill (my butt is way too sore to be running up hill today) bout 30mins

    Lunch: Big Salad

    red pepper and onion sauteed in coconut oil, with raw cauliflower, broccoli some yellow squash, zuchini, avocado, almond butter, pistachios, turkey cutlets

    Snacked on couple peices beef jerky and more pistachios

    Dinner: 6 slices roast beef on spring mix salad with olive oil and a tbsp. of ground flax

    Dessert: 1/2 cup soy milk with 2 tbsp almond butter and a dark chocolate square.

    a little later...more pistachios...


    Cals: 1607

    Fat: 101.4 (55%)

    Protein: 110.2 (27%)

    Carb: 79.3 (19%)

    (not including the pistachios or the jerky.)

    I really need to find more fat saurces since I keep going back to nuts which have carbs. I was thinking about getting some butter, but I don&#39;t know what kind to get. I was checking out land o lakes and Challenger butter. My main sources right now are olive oil and coconut oil, any other oils I should use?



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      A couple things,

      Since you have concerns on the coconut oil use, what specific brand are you using? I usually go with Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil since its good and priced right from Amazon,

      Another good brand I&#39;ve used is Tropical Traditions, but it&#39;s more pricey.

      I would ditch the Soymilk. You could replace with raw milk cow/goat, almond, or coconut.

      Some additional sources of fat you could try are grass fed butter or grass fed beef tallow. If no local sources are available you can get some from .


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        yeah the soy milk is out so i plan to just go ahead and buy some almond milk like i first intended. I am just trying to make sure that i have low carb sources of protein since I am trying to stay around the 1 g per lb of body weight. It is good at times when I only need a tad bit more and something to satisfy sweet cravings also.

        the oil I use is Lou Anas pure coconut oil. I am not sure how pure it is though. doesn&#39;t say much on the label.

        I need more fatty animal meats, but all the meats around here just say "natural" not "organic" and I am not sure if they are grass fed and I really don&#39;t think they are. So far I just have lean beaf in my freezer. I think the next time I go buy chicken I will be buy fattier parts instead of breast. What are the fattier parts anyways? lol

        Thanks for the help <3