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Help Me Reach My Primal Birthday Goal?

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  • Help Me Reach My Primal Birthday Goal?

    Friday, February 26, this caveman turns 42. Using the 43 year old who used to appear in the old Bowflex ads as my visual imagery, I want to get down to 10% by then. I thought I was on track. Two weeks ago I was at 10.89% and the mirror made me feel I was going the right way, too.

    This morning, 6 days from my goal, I measured for the first time in 2 weeks. My ab site came down 1 mm, but my thigh went up 2. So I popped up a shade and am now 11.2%

    I'll admit to being a bit neurotic and anal with my fitness/health, so imagine my delight at discovering this site and method 3 months ago. When I saw these numbers this morning, I re-evaluated my breakfast: Son of Grok Breakfast Sandwich. I learned I had ingested 920 calories between the 1/2 cup of coconut, the 4 eggs, the coconut oil and the cream with my coffee. I'm not one to worry about the calories, but with this damn goal of mine, I'm both laughing at myself yet determined to be 10% regardless.

    I realize the stressing/worrying is hardly the Primal way. I also realize my intensity workouts could have been more intense. But I'm mystified by the numbers regardless based on the visual not matching with the statistics. Perhaps I just need to forget the stats and be happy with the visual. But if I could get them to match up, I'd be a happier Birthday Boy.

    People of Primaldom - can you help this neurotic individual in any way?

    Sheepishly yours,

    Jeff P

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    How are you measuring your fat %? Too much water could have thrown it off.


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      Hmm, I am no expert but could it be that at this point you need to start counting calories? I know calories should not be a large part of primal living, but if your goal is to get to a certain body fat % lowering your weekly caloric intake may do the trick(?)*.

      I know that for me, after I acclimated to the fat consumption I started to consume more and more fat. Thinking fat is good (and it IS) but I wasn't taking into consideration the density of fat and the calories that come with it. This is where human error comes into play when we think "more is good".

      Another thing you might want to up is the metcons. I've also read that after doing high intensity training doing 15-20 minutes of medium level cardio (ex: jogging) actually helps to begin burning the fat that has now been released.

      Anyway, good luck on reaching your goal! Regardless you are healthy and happy and that is the best gift on your birthday.

      *I put the (?) bc I am constantly trying to read up on nutrition and health and of course don't know everything. Take this as my disclaimer