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Detox from dairy???

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  • Detox from dairy???

    So I gave up the HWC in my coffee. I am officially dairy free.
    Is it true that you can go through a dairy detox???

    I don't feel so hot today and it's only day 2!!!!! I basically feel like I have the flu. Sore muscles, fatigue and headaches. Could I attribute this to a dairy detox???

    I'm really hoping I feel better next week???

    Can some of you who have been through this share your experiences. I really need some motivation to continue this. I gave up the dairy because I was getting constant sinus infections.

    Thanks guys!!!!!

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    I felt amazing right away after dropping the cheese. Not sure about your symptoms, but definitely want you to know that you don't need dairy at all to be perfectly healthy. If it means a short period of icky, it's worth it. But it might also be psychological. Any time you are feeling strongly abut something, the body experiences it.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      How long did it take you to feel good again.
      I am struggling a LOT with giving it up!!!!


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        Worst...spam...ever. I hope you don't get paid for forum relevance.

        Once I stopped eating dairy, I stopped craving it. Just another addiction. And fart machine, zit machine, fat machine.
        Crohn's, doing SCD