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early am extreme nausea

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  • early am extreme nausea

    Hey everyone!

    So, I have been pretty good about PB since January 10th. If I had to take a guess I'd say at least 85/15.

    Anyway, this morning at a around 6 am I bolted upright in bed with TERRIBLE nausea and sweats.I thought I was going to hurl! No I am not preggo (haven't had the awhile )

    Just wondering what could have caused that? I'm just starting to get into coconut oil. I had a snack of three tangerines segmented and tossed in coconut oil before I went to bed, after yoga. Could that have been it? Anyone else experience anything similar? Nausea is very out of the norm for me (strong stomach) but it was almost hangover level bad.
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    I could be mistaken, but I think anything you ate before going to bed would have long since made it past your stomach, unless you at something with a big bacterial load that is causing you problems. (food poisoning)

    Either that, or a communicable stomach bug. Of course it could be just about anything, but I don't suspect a food reaction based on the time of eating vs. onset of symptoms.

    Keep in mind that I'm no expert and my opinion is simply semi-informed speculation.