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  • Omega 3 RDA

    Does it strike anyone else as ridiculous that there is no official RDA for Omega 3?

    Obviously the current food/nutrition guidelines are woefully inadequate and full of misguided information, but I don't think the need for O3 in the body is controversial in any camp.

    Is it just that mass awareness of the need for O3 is just catching on and official recommendations take decades to catch up, or is there something else at play?

    Of course you can overdo it with PUFAs, but wouldn't just about every MD in the country recommend at least a minimal intake of these necessary fats, especially in light of the fact that the standard 06/03 intake ratio is so far out of whack?

    Anyone basing their actual requirements on the existing RDAs for a lot of nutrients is going to come up short (one term that stuck with me was "minimum wage nutrition"), but it seems like we're doing people a great disservice by not including these fats. I think this is especially troublesome with regard to expecting mothers, who are told to avoid fish for fear of mercury contamination, and we're probably looking at an entire generation of deficiency.

    Does anyone have any insight as to why these are not included, or the process involved in adding to the list of "essential nutrients"?

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    There is currently no official recommended daily amount for omega 3 either for adults or children. Many nutrition experts and doctors however, recommend 450mg of Omega 3 DHA per day as part of a healthy lifestlye.
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