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    I'm having trouble finding information on it so I wanted to start a thread. How do you do it? How does it work? What are the benefits?

    Thanks guys!
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    Mark did a blog post the other day about IF and in it were links to other blog posts regarding IF. Go the the link above named The Blog.
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      You can also read this~

      Michael R. Eades, M.D.: Fast way to better health

      Or this~

      Fast-5 Diet Summary | Fast-5 Life
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        I'm going to be lazy and copy-paste a response I did the other day as it pertains to this question:

        We aren't trying to reenact cavemen living. It's more an hypothesis to start with when we think of any foods or activities. Then we look at science.. We also understand that some modern foods might have some benefits, and that we are living in a modern world where there is more to life and health than what we put in our mouths (that's the 80/20 rule). Self experimentation is also encouraged as everyone is a little different. Some people do better with different amounts of carbs, some people can tolerate dairy, some people can tolerate white rice.

        Understand tho that the basis is, that if something is in its natural form and humans have been eating it for millions of years we're probably well adapted to digest and utilize it fully. Something that is made in a factory that was created in the mere 100 years we are most likely not adapted to eat it.

        Remember Paleo is a template. Everyone implements it a little differently based on their needs. EAT REAL FOODS! AVOID POISONOUS THINGS!

        Avoid processed foods
        So that means basically never anything with gluten, and all other grains except for maybe some rice..
        Avoid legumes (unless maybe traditionally prepared but even then they should be limited or eliminated)
        Avoid Vegetable/Soybean oils
        Avoid processed sugars

        When it comes to dairy, full fat raw is preferred.. usually hard cheeses, cream, butter, fermented raw milk (aka yogurt) and maybe some milk.

        So what does that mean?
        You go to the store and peruse the produce isle till your hearts content avoiding the corn which is actually a grain.
        You load up on the meat (preferably you buy grass fed, if you cant get that (Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food) if you can't get the good stuff then you go with the lean cuts..
        You go to the seafood section and load up, preferably wild caught.
        You look for the kerry gold butter in the dairy section, maybe some full fat Greek yogurt, and some good raw milk hard cheeses, and lots of pasture raised eggs!
        You peruse the frozen section looking for frozen vegetables/fruits/fish/meat as long as nothing is added
        You go down the oils isle and get some EVOO and various vinegars (apple cider, balsamic) and spices
        Find the isle with the canned tuna or canned salmon..
        Find some good plain nuts..
        You can get some of the tomato sauces but you must check that there are no bad oils
        For your healthy indulgences You find some real maple syrup, and local raw natural honey, red wine, maybe even some white wine, dark chocolate (>70%), fresh gourmet coffee
        Also down that specialty section you might find some coconut flour which some use to make some primal treats once in awhile.

        Then go online and.. load up on all grass fed goodies (lard/tallow/organs/meat) and Alta coconut milk (bpa free, nothing added)

        The rest my friend is all you.. get some cooking appliances, get some recipe books and embark on your new adventure to forever health!

        We tend to be a lower carb community. Most of us eat <150g of carb on a regular basis, but there is a huge swing here.. protein is between 20-30% , the rest good healthy primal fats from animals and EVOO or plants like Coconut or Avocado.

        Now a lot of us get our meat and eggs from local farms, our produce from local farms.. our raw milk from the local dairy farmer.. so we buy minimally from the grocery store... but one step at a time.
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