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  • Primal-Noob Family - nutrition questions

    We are planning our 31-day Primal experiment, beginning March 1st. There's myself, 24 y/o female, my 40 y/o hubby, and our 18 month old son.

    I just have a few questions that I need ironed out before we start.

    1. Calcium. How can I get my son (who at 18 mos. probably won't get into fresh kale, what with a lack of molar teeth) enough digestable calcium, without introducing dairy? He currently breastfeeds twice a day, and eats cheese at least once a day.

    2. Soy. Is that cool? Not too much, because of the estrogen factor, I'm sure... but is it okay to have the occasional edamame or soy milk?

    3. Flax. That's a grain, and a no-no, right?

    4. Hemp. Particularly hemp milk. Is that cool?

    5. Primal sweets: Honey's ok, how about agave nectar? molasses? maple syrup? Of course all in moderation, but I'm trying to appease a baby's palette. ^_^

    Thanks so much, MDA-ers!

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    You are talking like other primal foods were not good and tasty enough

    You will be better eating dairy (cream) than honey

    I will be normal. I will be NORMAL again


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      Not at all, C2H5OH.

      I love primal foods. I'm just really into making all sorts of food, and will often randomly choose a recipe out of my myriad cookbooks. Just trying to get a hang on what is off-limits.


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        1) Don't know much about breast milk...but isn't that a great source of calcium? Another option would be broth you make from bones yourself. The Weston A. Price Foundation has lots of tips on this. (Cheeseslave-- a prominant real food blogger-- should have some posts on this).

        2) Soy scares me, especially when you're talking about a young male (see the documentary "The Disappearing Male.") Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable giving a young child soy. Adults can handle fermented soy (miso, tamari, tempeh) in small quantities.

        3) Some people here eat flax, some don't. I don't see much of a compelling reason to.

        4) Don't know. Are you nervous about using whole cow or goat milk? In my opinion whole, raw goat or call milk is the best you can do (second to breast milk).

        5) When I do use sugar, I use raw honey or organic maple syrup. Your body still metabolizes them like sugar (and I think they're "sweeter" than cane sugar), but they maybe have some health benefits (honey, for sure, not so sure about maple syrup...but it tastes good!). Generally I've read bad things about agave and molasses.

        Hope this helps!