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Questions re: weight loss and calories

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  • Questions re: weight loss and calories

    Howdy gang,

    I have been primal for about 4 months now and am doing quite well with it. I dont have any carb cravings any more and have few vices (still love diet soda, but it comes and goes in my weekly routine). I definitely enjoy eating this way.

    I eat 2-3 meals per day, sometimes 4 if I eat some protein right before bed. My immediate goal is to shed some weight.

    I am a fast loser, and in the past it has been very normal for me to lose 5 lbs per week. Yes, I know that is a lot. Lately my loss has slowed considerably and I think I may be consuming too few calories. I eat probably about 15g of carbs a day, with 6g of them coming from greens.

    I think I may be consuming way to few calories: ~1000/day, sometimes 1100. I don't really understand 'starvation mode' as I am never hungry and have to force myself to eat. But, my temp is consistently low. My exercise is very good, I was an active triathlete and know how to train. (I don't train like a triathlete anymore, my workouts are very primal - 2x lift heavy, 2x Tabata HIIT, walk ~5hrs/week, that is about it.)

    So: do my fellow Grok(ette)s think that I will be a better loser is I increase my calories? Why? How much (I am a 35yo male)?


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    I notice I have the best success when I have higher days and lower days. Most of the week I'm around 1300 calories. The last 2 days I've been up around 1800-2200. Tomorrow, it'll probably be back down to 1000.

    Let your days fluctuate, randomly. You'll probably feel better doing that, and it seems to work pretty good for me. My weight has stayed consistently 130-133, but I'm losing fat, and growing some muscles.

    Can't wait for spring... long walks and hiking to add to the mix.


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      Double post. Weird.