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Upset stomach after antibiotics



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  • Upset stomach after antibiotics

    Hey guys,

    So last Monday I started on a 5 day course of antibiotics, I tried to hold out but after a week and a half my bronchitis was getting worse and worse and I wasn't prepared to get pneumonia again. Antibiotics have always made me pretty sick to my stomach, so I expected to just endure the 5 days then take some probiotics to get everything back to normal. I have also stayed primal during this time, even cutting out dairy to give my stomach some extra relief. Well, now it's been 5 days since I finished the antibiotics and everything is pretty much going straight through me (sorry if that's tmi). I'm pretty much sick all morning/afternoon until my stomach finally calms down for dinner, then I eat and deal with horrible pain until I go to sleep.

    I'm not primal to lose weight, I'm primal because I have autoimmune issues and a lot of stomach problems that the diet has really helped. Last Monday at the doctor I was down to 115 (I think the lowest I've ever been) and I think I've lost even more weight since then, I'm actually a bit skinnier than I want to be and would like to clear up these stomach problems and put a little weight back on. Here's what I've been eating, my reactions to everything have been the same:

    Sunday evening: roast chicken and sweet potatoes
    Monday: 2 eggs, dinner- chicken bake and green beans
    Yesterday: 2 eggs, dinner- pork chops with apples, sweet potatoes, and green beans
    Today: nothing as of yet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is no reason not to take probiotics during your antibiotics as well as after, just so you know. Decreases the risk of subsequent infection and should get you back to normal quicker.
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      Thanks, I actually didn't take probiotics during my antibiotics, even thought the pharmacist told me to, because I've heard that it just makes more bacteria for the antibiotics to kill.


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        You should see a GI (if you are not already). Have they ruled out one of the "colitis" issues? But, I hate posters who say scary things, so I am sorry to say that.

        You also should take a probiotic (or 10) right now! They can be hard on a stomach when empty but that is the best time to take one for them to work best. Choose one with lots of LIVE strains if possible and within the budget. I like the garden of life brand (raw probiotics or ultra defense). And taking one with antibiotics is okay. You want one with S. boulardii in it both during and after antibiotics.

        I too suffer from stomach issues, I feel your pain. And today that is literal. During a time of stomach upset what helps me is a real broth from chicken or beef bones (nourishing traditions, weston price, gaps, all have recipies). Drink coconut water (acts like gatorade). Add meat to broth. Add in vegetables to broth if meat is tolerated (celery, spinach, carrots, leeks, plenty of onions & garlic they help the stomach, mushrooms, typically things that digest okay). Drink lots of broth & soup! As many meals as you can and sip broth in between meals. Eat bananas, white rice, applesauce, tea to firm up stool. Yes, I said white rice if you can stand it (I can, tends to do okay with me).

        Tea with grated ginger (fresh!!!), chamomile, and peppermint helps immensely. Ginger tea helps so much. I even eat the ginger, although you might want to strain it out if you are in a stomach upset period. It is very fiberous. You can also cut the ginger and let it steep, then remove or don't swallow it. Thats okay too

        Do a search for threads about GAPS diet and ask for help there! They can direct you on meat broths and how they help to heal. Hope any of this helps!!!! *hugs*
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          why don't you try to use ampicillin 500mg or augmentin for treatment? i have successed.

          you could find it's infomation on gg. or you could buy it with cheapest in here:

          it’s best and cheapeast price

          good luck friend