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Ketosis proportionate to weight/mass?

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  • Ketosis proportionate to weight/mass?

    I weigh almost 220 @ about 16% body fat. Yesterday I estimate I had about 80-90grams carbs. This morning, still had pink on the ketostix.

    I was under the impression I had to stay below 60 at the highest to stay in ketosis, but it hadn't occurred to me til today that my size might proportionally raise my carb threshold for staying in ketosis.

    Anybody else seem to have a higher threshold? I'm going to try to stay around 80-90 for a few days and keep using the ketostix to see if it wasn't a fluke, but it seemed interesting anyway.

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    your hydration level (IMO) has more impact on whether you're pink or purple on the stix. Ketosis is binary - you're either in it or you aren't. The stix are somewhat misleading in showing "degrees" of the level of ketosis.

    That being said, the level of carbs necessary to stay in (or be kicked out) of ketosis does vary person to person. 60, 90 etc. are not magic numbers, just rules of thumb and YMMV.