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  • some thoughts i wanted to share

    im 19 years old. i was a normal child until about 15, and then due to social problems i cut myself off society and stayed at my house for like a year barely going out.
    in that year i gained maybe 60lbs and spend days just eating shit and watching TV and since then im pretty much addicted to sugar.. when i went back to school at age 16 i was about 220lbs at height of 6'1.. immediatly i felt social pressure due to it and started a diet (the normal low fat diet) and i lost some weight.. but i was never able to fully recover from my sugar addiction.. still maybe once a week or so i had a crave and i would eat alot of candies & ice cream & bread in one sitting.
    but the danger of gaining weight back was always there because of my addiction.
    i remember periods where i gained weight back very quickly and it would take me months of frustration to lose it back.
    The thing is, im kinda mentally unstable and sometimes i can get depressed and when that happenes i crave sugar like crazy..
    when i was 17 i got depressed, not an absolute one.. i still functioned day to day and went to school but i was frustrated of life, not having too much friends, not having too much connection to the other gendre etc...
    i started gaining weight back because my craving got more and more frequent.. i gained weight dispite actually training 3 times a week (running) but i craved so much on a regular basis that i still gained weight.
    at the height of my addiction i pretty much craved on a daily basis, i would wake up early in the morning and go the the grocery store and spend the mornings eating shit infront of TV and also i would crave at the nights and would go in the middle of the night to a 24/7 store and buy alot of shit aswell.
    so im 19 today and i weight somwhere around 230lbs, my craving got a bit better actually because i started taking action of my life and actually started doing things to make it better (started learning pick-up if it tells anything to someone haha) and i made the decision 2 days ago to go primal after watching Mark Sisson's speech at the 21convention and had a blast of motivation.
    But today i started feeling kinda bad, because dispite of what it did and does to me, i love sugar.. probably the best time of my day is when i buy ice cream and candies and crave infront of TV (of course after it i feel like crap mentally but still i would always crave again). its hard for me to think that im giving up on it.. i know its fat and i hate being fat, but i also like sugar and thoughts of giving up on it makes me sad, but i know that for me, i cant eat just a little bit of it, its like alcoholics, if they taste even a bit of it, they crave for it like crazy and the all addictive behavior can come back.
    I wanna be thin, and healthy, but i still cant think of my self without the sugar i crave so much.
    thats pretty much it.. wanted to share some stuff

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    I just want to say it sounds as though you've had a tough few years, but yes, you absolutely can give up (or at first reduce) the sugary snacks and treats. I'd highly recommend reading Mark's original Primal Blueprint book, frequent the forum, read the success stories (very inspirational), and start small. You don't have to make all the changes at once... one day at a time.

    Best of luck to you and welcome!
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      Sorry to hear that.
      Sugar addiction is hard, because the pay-off (taste, chemical satisfaction) is immediate, and you're trying to balance it against weight loss benefits
      that will take months to happen.

      I think you'll need to work on the associations too. You mentioned TV and bad food going together. So perhaps when those cravings kick off you should force yourself to go for a walk.
      Whether you feel like it or not, staying in proximity to the TV and kitchen will probably kick off a battle of willpower that's mentally draining.
      When you feel that coming on force yourself out the door and walk for at least 10 minutes. Try to build on that good action when you get home.

      De-stocking can also help. Do your best to keep the stuff out of the house. Don't try moderation, you'll just end up negotiating with yourself about when and how much sugar you can eat.
      Again, it's mentally draining.