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"Long-term" effects of Primal Diet



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    Originally posted by trekfan View Post
    So, I think the real question you need to be asking yourself is what was better-life before Primal or life with it? If you're telling me that you think you can live a longer AND better quality life with a diet like Asians, the diet you were on before, or some other people's diets, then by all means go for it.

    But in my view the quality of life with Primal outweighs any "long living" people's on an Asian diet, a Southern diet, or a SAD diet. I'd rather live Primal a decade than live SAD three decades; I'll get more out of that decade than any person on a SAD diet and any person on another diet either.
    VERY wise words! The goal for any of us has to be having a happy and healthy life, no matter if you live until you're 70 or you live until you're 90. I can't speak to the Asian thing, although I believe that the typical Asian diet is very heavy in fish and vegetables, always healthy food sources, and that I don't think rice is as bad for you as other grains.

    All I know is, I look at myself and I look at my family, and I can already see how much healthier I am than my siblings. I'm enjoying life in a way that they can't while they still eat junk. My sister is diabetic, my brother is morbidly obese. Neither one of them could stand up to my standard daily walk of 2 hours at around 2.5 mph. They get worn out easily, and they can't enjoy going to a museum or a zoo for the day, because it's just too hard on them. As long as I'm in such great shape, I see no reason to change things.

    Look at Mark Sisson. He's almost 60 and in better shape than your average 18 year old. Paleo life expectancy was to age 54 (one you avoided dying before you were 15 - infant mortality and all that), and that was before modern medicine, proper sanitation, etc. It's really hard to know how long a Paleo type could have lived with the same advantages we now have. Heck, it's kept my SAD father alive to age 70, though not without developing heart disease and diabetes, which severely takes away from his quality of life.
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      Originally posted by paleo-bunny View Post
      For lssanjose:

      Low carb diets:
      Ketogenic low-carbohydrate diets have no metabolic advantage over nonketogenic low-carbohydrate diets
      I lack the will to investigate further, I'm afraid, as I'm not convinced of any long-term health benefits, and doubt there are any conclusive studies out there yet.

      Insulin sensitivity and exercise:
      Exercise and insulin sensitivity: a review. [Int J Sports Med. 2000] - PubMed - NCBI
      Influence of exercise on insulin sensitivity. [J Cardiovasc Risk. 1995] - PubMed - NCBI
      Exercise-induced increase in muscle insulin sensitivity

      The wikipedia article on insulin resistance is pretty good (though I disagree that saturated fat is a contributing factor when everything else is good).
      Insulin resistance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      I'll look into these. Thanks for providing them. I'll probably think about renewing my alumnus membership, just for academic research, and resources.

      Responding to Paleo not equaling low carb, i can go with this, in terms of dictate. Inevitability will work things to where it may end up that way, for some. I think; and forgive me if I'm wrong, intermittent fasting helps space the "numbers" out, for those who are stickler for such items of interest.
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        ^^I never understood "planned" cheats. I can understand going out with friends and eating a less than idea meal, being polite at a birthday party and eating some home make cake but to "plan" to eat crap does not make sense to me.
        Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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          Originally posted by Dirlot View Post
          ^^I never understood "planned" cheats. I can understand going out with friends and eating a less than idea meal, being polite at a birthday party and eating some home make cake but to "plan" to eat crap does not make sense to me.
          It can keep a person sane and actually avoid bingeing. If you feel like bingeing there is always the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, a lot of times when someone binges, the diet is ruined, and they start eating shit again and give up. When it is part of your diet to "cheat" then you aren't messing up. There can be quite a psychological benefit.


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            ^^perhaps for the first 2-4 weeks as your body gets off the cravings but as most people find once you eat real food for a while you realize the tasteless process if "food" is just crap.
            You also need to keep in mind this is not a diet in the traditional sense it is about eating real food and avoiding poisons. If you have to cheat, if you are out with friends etc go for it - but to plan regular cheats is a recipe for failure.
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            Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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              "...I'm not entirely sure the paleothic period actually existed, so I'm not really sure who ate what-when. However, I do know that I feel like junk when I eat processed crap. But I feel awesome when I'm eating lots of veggies, meat, some nuts, some fruit, and good fat. I'll continue to eat primally until my body tells me something different."

              Thanks for your post and glad it is working well for you. To a certain degree I'm of a like mind.
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                Originally posted by Terry H View Post
                I'm not entirely sure the paleothic period actually existed...

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                  Originally posted by NWPrimate View Post
                  NWP... It's a religious issue.
                  “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
                  ~Friedrich Nietzsche
                  And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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                    I believe in the Primal way of eating. I love the food, I love the way it makes me feel. I've read many a success story of people in their 60s trying the PB and have had positively amazing results. If it was bad for us in our old age, it just seems logical that they wouldn't have the same successes.
                    "Achievement begins with belief."

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                    • Originally posted by NWPrimate View Post
                      Actually I was quoting and responding to a prev. post in this thread and qualified MY statement with the words "to a certain degree...." You made a perfectly sound statement earlier in this thread that I still support BTW.
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                      • Hi TerryH,

                        I wasn't trying to be a jerk. It was more for the comedy than anything else.
                        You may have seen my postings another thread that mention how the majority of my extended family (parents, grandparents etc..) don't believe in evolution for religious reasons so I can relate on some level.

                        They are smart and rational people, so please don't take it as though I'm calling you an idiot.
                        In my opinion they are just making a choice not to take a close look at certain information because it confronts their belief structures, which can be a very hard and painful thing to do.

                        Because I'm human, I'm sure that there are things that I believe that are flat out wrong, but trying to find those in yourself is a very difficult thing to do.

                        Again, I didn't mean to be disrespectful. It was just some comedy for those that found it funny, and considering that this kind of an evolutionary based community (hence your default avatar), it seemed appropriate. My apologies if anyone found it offensive.
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                        • No worries. I read all of your posts and consider them very much worthwhile.


                          • Eh. I know that none of us are ever going to agree on EVERYTHING. It seems like we can agree that the principles of the diet are good & that's what matters most here. I didn't mean to start anything with my previous statement... just speaking my experience
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                            • I hope you'll continue. Best wishes.


                              • Not to turn religious here because that's probably a stupid place to take this forum, but as an interesting point of view, and from a biblical standpoint, I can see how paleo makes sense. Adam and Eve didn't mill grains in the Garden of Eden. They ate animals and vegetables. After getting the boot, you can read in Genesis 3:19, "You will have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything, until you go back to the soil from which you were formed. You were made from soil, and you will become soil again." In other words, the advent of agriculture is arguably viewed as a curse, for whatever fill in the blank reasons you might want to apply.

                                There are other verses that make paleoish statements:
                                Nehamiah 8:10, "Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet drink, and send portions to him for whom nothing is prepared...."
                                Proverbs 25:16, "Have you found honey [sugar]? Eat only as much as is sufficient for you, lest, being filled with it, you vomit it."

                                Take a read at Ezekiel Chapter 4 sometime. It's quite interesting. To give cliff notes, you have a bunch of people that are cursed, and as a punishment are forced to make bread in order to survive for 390 days. They were to weigh their food, measure their water and consume it at the same times every day on a schedule (sound familiar?). They were also required to bake their bread with dung....arguably the same adjective used to describe the crap (rimshot) in processed breads.

                                Of course, unleavened bread was different from what we see on shelves today.

                                Despite all that, I wouldn't look to a diet book for religion so the inverse probably applies too!