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need some re-assurance on cholesterol numbers

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  • need some re-assurance on cholesterol numbers

    So, one my one year anniversary of going Primal, I see my GP to review my blood results. I have been steady at TC about 220-230 for almost a decade but my latest reading was 312!! Should I be worried?? Is there some kind of inflammation suddenly happening in my body??

    Here are my stats:

    age= 47
    athletic build, always very active

    date HDL LDL Total Trig

    5/10 48 160 233 125
    5/11 62 153 227 60 (one month into primal, about 80% compliant)
    4/12 66 232 312 72 (one year into primal, about 90% compliant)

    Like many here, I have seen incredible gains in my health.

    No more night waking, deeper sleep
    Eczema gone
    Allergies gone
    much better mental acuity, even energy level all day, no need for napping

    I have gone from size 36 jeans, to 32, seeing the biggest change in the first few months.

    I would say overall, I am eating about 30-40% more protein vs. pre-primal. I had been eating a fair amount of whole grain previously and that is the only major "food" group" that is now absent. Always ate lots of veggies and some fruit.

    The only change that I have made from 5/11 to 4/12 is:

    1. Started IFing around new years this year. Mostly now do a daily fast eating in a 5-8 hr window, no breakfast. this has gotten me leaner, from 33 jeans to 32. i am guessing i am approaching low teens in body fat, six pack starting to appear.

    2. eating less nuts as I have become concerned with Omega 6

    That's it really, I am somewhat baffled with the new numbers. I didn't expect my new numbers to be that different from my one-month-in numbers. Of course my GP immediately reached into his statin trove and wanted me to start right away. He was actually pestering me at the 233 level.

    I've read most of the posts on this, but still am a bit surprised I am up about 35% on TC Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    It sounds like you need an LDL density test to determine the LDL type( THE LDL number is calculated and as your trigs drop it scews the calculation of LDL even higher). If your feeling good and all indicators(blood pressure, blood sugar and your personal report of health and wellness are all good I would request the density test for your peace of mind and keep going. It sounds like you are making great progress!
    Integrity is what we do when nobody's watching.


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      yeah, that's a good idea. I had actually asked my doc to get a direct measurement of LDL when requesting the test, but I don't think he even know what that meant. The report from LabCorp clearly indicates that the LDL was calculated (I assume from the Trigs number).


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        Yeah, if your trigs are below 100%, all those numbers are suspect. Get a VAP test.



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          Go listen to or read the cholesteral podcasts on by Chris Kresser. They are the ones with Chris Masterjohn. It's a three part series, and one of them goes into when you should get concerned and what should be done if you have high cholesterol.


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            I would simply retest before going on with any LDL breakdowns. In fact if this was me I would retest for the standard breakdown three times over the course of about a month then analyze that data. TC can vary greatly both in the body and in the accuracy of the test.