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Newbie calorie question.

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  • Newbie calorie question.

    Hi, today is day one of my intro to Primal. I'm doing the 21 day challenge via Mark's book. So far today is 42% protein, 49% fat and 9% carbs...Calorie total is 950. I'm 5'9" and about 150 pounds. Ive been weight training for over a year...five days a week with close to zero cardio. (hate it). LOL. I'm tailoring my workout regime around the plan Mark outlines.
    Do I need to figure out a daily ideal calorie consumption? I would like to drop about ten pounds.

    Thanks in advance for any input. I'm still in the learning phase.

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    Day one is just testing the waters obviously....But, that low of calories isn't gonna cut it. You might post your actual meals for the day.

    You don't need to figure out an ideal calorie consumption. Do however eat till your satiated then stop. Eat again when hungry. Pretty easy. Prefer the fatty cuts of meat to get a better fat/protein ratio. With that low calories and your distribution of fat/protein/carb looks like your still eating lean meat. Don't fear the fat. It is good for you. It will give you stable energy and tastes great!


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      Thank you. Yes, as far as meat, I only had some tuna fish and a chicken breast. I've never been a huge meat eater (mainly because I'm not much of a cook) so I do need to focus on that! Thank you for your insight and help.


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        I suggest you switch to salmon. Tasty, tasty fat and pretty foolproof to cook. Overcooked tuna and chicken breast taste like sawdust and really is not worth eating unless you want to use it as a tool to completely kill your appetite (I've found myself not wanting to eat anymore after having a forkful of overcooked tuna). I just pop a chunk of miso in a pot with some water and a filet of salmon and let it simmer; whether or not I've forgotten to check back on it after it's done cooking for a few minutes or 10 (oops), it's always still quite good despite my worst.
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          PLEASE please eat more calories than that!! what sort of nutrition can you get from 950 calories ( not much) that and seriously don't worry about it and just eat real foods! Have a big ass salad ( Mark has a great video via youtube on his quick and easy salad)


          How to Eat According to the Primal Blueprint | Mark's Daily Apple

          if you want to count calories and pay attention to the % of carbs, fats, and protein read the above from Mark- I used it to help my customize myfitnesspal which I use to log my food- logging food is good to see what and how you eat- it really helps ( at least for me)

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            OH and read this:

            Calorie Restriction and Bone Loss | Mark's Daily Apple

            near the bottom paragraph Mark says:

            The Primal Blueprint isn’t about caloric restriction

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