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uurrgghh! Stupid sugar...

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  • uurrgghh! Stupid sugar...

    Everytime I think I'm out~ they suck me back in again!!

    Needing tips for getting past the sugar cravings. I try not to keep it in the house, hubby is supportive, kids never really were allowed too much to begin with...

    and then I eat 3 spoonfuls of jelly after a nap this afternoon!

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    I do a VLC (ketogenic) day a couple of days out of the week. Pretty good for zapping any lingering sweet tooth. Then just stick to primal carbs on the other days. Works for me.


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      A few things I did in my first few weeks that got me through:

      Think you're hungry? Probably not. Get some water in you and wait half an hour. You may well just be thirsty.

      Allow unlimited amounts of Primal food. It's better to gain a few pounds in the beginning - you'll still be improving your biomarkers and setting the stage for eventual weight loss once your hunger hormones are fixed.

      Focus heavily on fat to encourage your digestive tract to use it. Saturated fat is your friend, seek it out. Make your own tallow and use a few tablespoons a day to maintain satiety. This I still do.

      Go ahead and keep a little fruit or some carrots around for those times when you are really hitting bottom. You don't necessarily need to be in ketosis to lose weight, and fruit and veggies aren't the devil. This, though, depends on your goals. I did the ketosis thing and it was great. It might not be for everyone, though.

      Go outside and walk a few miles. Just getting out of the house and out of the doldrums that can lead to cravings is a big boost.

      Lastly, make sure you are loading your body with nutrient-dense foods like liver, greens, oysters and eggs, etc. You may well be craving some essential mineral or nutrient and not knowing it.
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        +1 to Knifegill. I weaned off the sugar by eating raw almonds and fruit, then slowly phased them out to just a treat on occasion.
        If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


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          It will be rough in the beginning, but after a week or so your mind will find it easier to resist sweets.
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            If you arent IFing yet I suggest that, it has really helped me with sugar cravings and I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth....seriously, it must be the size of a T-rex tooth or something. Fruit helps a bit when you just absolutley need something sweet, but if you are like me and can't self-moderate then don't buy sweets, we can't buy almond butter because I will eat half a jar during family reading time. My husband and I have a safe word for when he catches me binging on anything, even if it is fruit and yogurt, there is a point where I need to stop. When he invokes the word either I need to stop or I lose all rights to complain or feel guilty about what I am doing.
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              You need to just get through the cravings, it's that simple. It all comes down to will and determination. Do Not keep any sugary foods in the house. If you ever have a sugar craving, and you cannot will passed it, use buckwheat honey-Mark explained in his blog why it is actually healthy, in moderation of course.

              What about exercise? I find that if I am working out, and getting intense workouts in, I do not crave crappy food. My weakness is not just eating someting sweet, but ice cream. I just love the stuff. So, I can relate. I just know that the only real way to get passed the cravings is to make a real and willful committment. Then, once your mind and body are properly conditioned, you should be able to have a few bites of a really good desert every once in a while, without falling off the wagon. It works for me at least.

              It is possible part of the reason why you have trouble with sugar cravings is that you are not fulfilled psychologically and physically in some areas. You may want to keep an open mind and consider that there can be psychological drives that cause certain types of behavior, specifical ones that make it hard for us to stop fulfilling unnecessary cravings.


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                I second the suggestions of both going VLC and intermitting fasting. They definitely work for me and help to get me back on track. I always feel better when I do both.


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                  Why would you only eat raw nuts and fruit on occasion? You do know of all the health benefits of nuts like walnuts and almonds, and of fruits like grapefruit, blueberries, and apples-do you not?


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                    I was just thinking "uuuurggg stupid sugar!" today, so I hear ya. I tend to go crazy around even my 77% dark chocolate bars especially when I'm stressed out at work (I work at a newspaper, so deadline is always a huge stressor). I told my husband not to let me buy any chocolate for two weeks at least. I've been primal since late January and I still battle the sugar addiction.


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                      Yeah me too, today was a bad I want munchies day. I munched on nuts fruit, mixed greens without dressing, roasted some almonds, ate a red pepper. I just could not stop so I made supper early and my wife stir fried a bunch of Broccoli and bok choy and spinach and onions, I hate veggies but I ate much of it before the chicken was off the grill. I still feel hungry. I am typing this around an apple in my mouth.

                      If you need sweets, try roasting red peppers and onions, sweet and nom.
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                        I feel your pain. I am a total sugar addict as well. Eating some very high fat meals in a row helps me sometimes, but once I fall off the sugar-free wagon it is really hard to get back on. I'd be happy if a couple tsps of jam was all the damage I did
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                          There are a few things that have helped me get through the cravings. I use coconut milk a lot, I dip fruit in it a lot, it really seems to help me. Also, I've had a 90% dark chocolate bar and that helped a lot, and I didn't feel super guilty about it because it has such low sugars. Another thing I have done is make myself a protein shake, and I'll add coconut milk to that and if you find that the fruit isn't making it quite sweet enough, I have used a little stevia to sweeten just a tad. I'm almost two weeks in and I'm just now starting to feel a little better and my cravings are getting better. But also remember, a lot of the craving is the fact that you allow yourself to give in to it. You have to have the will to change the habit, so while doing little things like this can help when you are desperate, you will be doing a much better service to yourself if you can divert your attention to something else and not give in. The more times you resist that temptation to give in, the more you are building a new habit for yourself and erasing the old, bad habit. Also, I will text my best friend when I am getting a craving for something really bad, and she has helped talk me down and gotten me to move forward without the sugar. Do you have someone who could do that for you?
                          Sometimes just the act of texting and coversating about the craving, and laughing about how ridiculous it is, that is distraction enough to get me to move on and get the sugar off my brain.


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                            Glad I'm not the only one!
                            Don' be afraid.
                            No hurry, no worry.
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                              i've noticed my sugar cravings are satisfied when i eat lean protein. i've read some people suggesting that one should eat a bunch of fat when one gets a sugar craving, but an ounce or two of chicken or turkey or fish seems to kick mine in the tail. i think maybe the sugar craving is a protein craving in discuise.
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