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Fat wife, skinny husband -- and the primal lifestyle

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  • Fat wife, skinny husband -- and the primal lifestyle

    I'm starting my 3rd wk. primal (tossed my statin medication for high cholesterol) and trying to eat so my bloodwork looks good. I have 35 lbs. to lose.

    Hubby also tossed his cholesterol statin and is eating primal. He has ZERO weight to lose and I'm afraid he's not eating enough. He's counting on me to lead the way and I'm not sure I know what I'm doing.

    For myself, I'm going low carb for awhile.
    For him, I figured he could eat the same as me,
    but with an additional 100-150 healthy carbs. <---- Is that correct?

    Advice welcomed/needed!

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    Your husband should be able to eat any amount of carbs that he really wants, as long as they are primal ones. More than likely, this won't go much over the 150g/day. For now, just focus on eating primal foods with no cheats and no restrictions on amounts.