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Does anyone else have a reaction to vegetable oils?

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  • Does anyone else have a reaction to vegetable oils?

    The past two times I've eaten out at restaurants using vegetable oil I've experienced a sudden deep throat phlegm build up, increased sinus pressure (and eye tearing) along with mental fatigue and sleepiness... and I'm pretty sure it's the oils (it sure wasn't the grass-fed lamb or coconut milk).

    I also get a gnarly taste on the back of my tongue when I eat something off... it's hard too explain but it tastes "dirty" as opposed to a "clean" mouth feel. Sometimes my mouth/tongue itches.

    I get similar reactions when I eat dairy and wheat and soy... the primary culprits of the CW diet (although dairy is absolutely the worst for me).

    Does anyone else get these reactions or am I just crazy and placebo-ing myself into hell?

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    Yep, I get phlegmy when I eat takeaway chips.


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      I'm not sure if it depends on the amount used or the specific type, but they generally make me feel like shit. I get a stomach ache and start having some rather noticeable issues with phlegm and so on.
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