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Another reason to be worried about factory farmed meat

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  • Another reason to be worried about factory farmed meat

    As Beef Cattle Become Behemoths, Who Are Animal Scientists Serving? - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Dressed in a white lab coat, a hard hat on his head, Lawrence pointed to the carcass of a Holstein that had been fed a new drug called Zilmax. He noted its larger size compared with the nearby body of a steer never given the drug. "This is thicker, and it's plumper," said Lawrence, an associate professor of animal science, pointing at the beast's rib-eye. "This animal right here," he said, waving his hand at the pharmaceutically enhanced meat, "doesn't look like a Holstein anymore."
    The article focuses on how public university professors get money from drug companies for their research and do not disclose their conflict of interest. But it also says:
    To gain government approval for Zilmax, Intervet provided data from studies testing the drug in rats, monkeys, mice, small pigs known as Yucatan microswine, and a few dozen humans. In the human volunteers, the drug increased heart rate and caused tremors. The FDA requires ranchers to stop feeding Zilmax to cattle at least three days before they are slaughtered, to ensure that any remaining traces of the drug are at a level safe for humans.
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    Oh my... how very very sad. It will be nearly impossible to trace impacts to humans from this meat...
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      Hahaha.. how do you like my sarcasm?

      "Do you know what's in your meat? They are now starting to give CAFO cattle a new drug Zilmax because it makes the rib eye cut bigger. Zilmax has been shown to cause increased heart rate and tremors in humans..but dont worry they stop feeding them the drug 3 days before slaughter..and the FDA says its OK."
      Primal since March 2011

      Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs


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        Great article. Thanks for the post. I loved this part:

        "Yet unlike a growing number of medical schools around the country, where administrators have recently tightened rules to better police their faculty's ties to pharmaceutical companies, the schools of agriculture have largely rejected critics' concerns about industry cash."

        Hahahha. Oh yeah, medical schools are really tightening those rules up. Not even a token show trial to send some clown up the river they were trying to get rid of anyway, then declaring themselves cleansed of corruption. Nope, just some "tightening of rules" What a joke of travesty of a sham.

        And another subject I've been harping on:

        "Agriculture schools increasingly depend on the industry for research grants"

        Increasingly? Like this is something new? I used to work on Wall Street. I've seen consulting firms hired for millions of dollars to conduct a "study" of our bank's business. They were told before they started their "study" what results management was looking for. Things were a set up from day one.
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          This is really disgusting.