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Anyone else on Autoimmune Protocol?

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    glad I found this! I am on AIP for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I have had great success, although I do eat eggs which do not seem to bother me. For me, the nightshades affect me the most. No potatoes or tomatoes ever again. Which is so sad, because I used to eat tomatoes whole, like an apple. It can be difficult at times, but I have modified many recipes and they taste just as delicious!


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      I also use the AIP for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Its been great so far. Took about 3 weeks to initially start to really see results. I have been able to add coffee back into my diet with no negative effects as long as I keep it to one or two cups a day. Eggs and alcohol have been proven to be problematic for me which sucks because I love them both. I use my crockpot for most of my meals (usually chicken/ beef with carrots and onions) by cooking several days worth of food at once time. This is my diet 5 or 6 days a week-
      B-Juice (carrot, ginger, cucumber, gelatin), Coffee with coconut oil
      PWO-Can of sardines/salmon and banana
      L-Chicken/ beef dish
      D-Chicken/ beef dish, frozen vegetables w/coconut oil, sweet potato w/coconut oil, banana or grapefruit

      I try not to snack but if I do its usually a banana or grapefruit….. sometimes a can of sardines. I highly recommend Tara Grant's book The Hidden Plague and for info on AIP.


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        I've recently began AIP while also incorporating low FODMAPS. Its been pretty difficult, but I feel a little better. I've been limiting myself a good bit because there seems to be multiple lists of "acceptable" foods while using low FODMAPS. A staple has become beet and sweet potato hash with the beet greens, a cut of grass fed or pastured meat, and a glass of water for breakfast, cold avacadosoup or grilled fish and a salad for lunch, and a stew, heavy meat, or bone broth (depending on hunger) fo dinner. I'd love to add more, but i'm still learning these protocols.