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My Primal Meal Today Was.........................

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  • My Primal Meal Today Was.........................

    Couldn't find the original thread, but I like this idea of people posting their meals. Thought I'd try to start a new one.

    My primal breakfast was.................nothing. Fasted until Noon. Walked 4 miles at moderate space on a lovely nature trail near my home. Did four 100 yard sprints afterwards. Not sprinting all out. Still protecting a quadracep strain.

    Came home, took 10 grams of branched chain amino acids, then lifted weights for half an hour. Legs only. 3 sets of increasing weights, each time to exhaustion. Did some pilates style back exercises as well.

    Prepared a new recipe for liver pate, with a pound of grass fed beef liver I bought from a local farmer. It was fantastic!!!! This is how I'll be eating my liver from now on.

    Here's the link to the recipe. Beef and Chicken Liver Pâté | Free The Animal

    Made a liver pate sandwich out of it, using Whole Foods brand gluten free sandwich bread with slice of goat cheese and a liberal dollop of Dijon mustard. Then had a bowl of chicken broth I made yesterday. I took most of the bones from the broth and Vitamixed i.e. liquefied them into the broth. Added some potatoes and broccoli to the broth.

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    Marinated chicken breast and kale cooked in a tomato sauce/red wine and beef broth reduction for lunch.


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      Caesar salad (homemade egg yolk avocado oil dressing with extra anchovy!!!), bacon wrapped steak bites dipped in horseradish purple onion dip, roasted chipotle sweet potato slices, and strawberries in cream for dessert. Dinner party the primal way!
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        I'm currently not eating in the mornings. Sort of a loose variation of lean gains style. Broke the fast at 12:50 with one hard boiled egg, four fried eggs, an avocado, and about a cup or so of frozen blueberries.


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          So far today...Some cold leftover fish from last night's dinner, a small piece of cold meatloaf from two night's ago dinner, 3 hard boiled eggs, a small piece of dark chocolate, some coffee, and my once per month navel orange...when I next get hungry (it is only 12:40pm here on the pacific coast) it will be some chicken and a poopload of spinach with pesto and a little cream.
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            I had a bowl of scrambled eggs and a banana. Went for a hike. Hiked up. Had some nuts and dried blueberries. Hiked down. Had pemmican for lunch. We'll see what's for dinner.
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              7 mile walk with some sprints and stair sprints. then later broke my fast around 5pm with about 16oz of grassed beef and some spinach and garlic with coconut oil and a bit of olive oil as well.


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                For lunch I had homemade grass-fed meatballs with Eden Organic Spaghetti Sauce. I was out and about so for dinner I went to Earth Fare and had some rosemary honey-mustard chicken breast, Swai, baked asparagus w/olive oil, and sauteed zucchini and peppers. They list the ingredients and the zucchini was sauteed in olive oil. And a kombucha.


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                  I had 2 chicken legs with back and 2 cups of broccoli both steamed and covered with grated cheddar for brunch. Supper was Roast chicken breast and a big ass salad. I am about to have a half cup of goat yoghurt with maple syrup in it.

                  This morning I walked 2 miles in the rain and played in the pool with my son.
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                    Have to catch up tommorow since saturday is my cheat day.....closest thing to primal was sushi buffet with lots of fish, seaweed, oysters, and clams followed up with some fruit for included soy sauce and rice, not completely horrible and was after my BBS lifting session. Dinner wass so far off the reservation that I wont bother listing it.


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                      Today was a blowout:
                      started with 3 cups of black coffee (starbucks pike's roast) prior to weighted chins and bench day...
                      1. 1.78 pounds of poterhouse cut pork chops.
                      2. A pound of yukon gold potatoes with homemade honey mustard vinaigrette and sour kraut.
                      3. GT's Kombucha - Strawberry serenity
                      4. Fresh/homemade strawberry and banana protein shake
                      5. 1 cup greek yogurt followed by a pint of noosa blueberry yogurt.
                      6. Roast chicken with more potatoes
                      7. A pint of haagen dazs strawberry to top it all off.
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                        I had a nice bowl of fruit and milk for breakfast, and the mixed grill plate at Olive Garden for lunch, followed by ribs & steamed veggies for dinner
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                          Weekends are indulgent for me.


                          scrambled eggs (butter, eggs);

                          salad -- end of season seasonal veggies galore!

                          bacon -- two pieces of shoulder bacon

                          fruit -- first of the season feijoas!!!!!


                          Finished breakfast around 8;30 am. It's currently 3:30, and going strong (not hungry), and will probably be having dinner sometime around 5:30 (finishing around 6:30). That is going to be roasted chicken and honey-mustard brussels sprouts. Might to berries with coconut cream for dessert if I feel like it.

                          The boys also had berries with yogurt and cod liver oil with their breakfast and nuts/apple for a snack while we were out at the park, hike, beach for the last 3-4 hours.


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                            Breakfast: cheddar, tomato, avocado omelet and a latte

                            Lunch: fresh ground beef patty (local, grass-fed) with
                            local cheese, shiitake mushrooms, grilled green onions & horseradish
                            plus a tossed salad

                            (Skipped the pizza and birthday cake served at my son's friend's BD party.)

                            Dinner: salad plus a not-so-primal treat of buffalo chicken wings and beer
                            The chicken wings might have been primal enough (local pasture-raised chicken, butter, hot sauce) if it weren't for the vegetable oil the restaurant used for frying them.

                            Dessert: A bit of dark chocolate and a few apple slices.



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                              Aside from two pieces of gum I did good today. I had manuka honey, raw wild tuna, salmon eggs, pastured eggs cooked in grass-fed butter and more eggs cooked in homemade lard, dried anchovies and some homemade beef broth. Might have a glass of champagne in a bit though!