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Last time you bought food that was packaged?

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    I've never heard of the bokashi bin. If it's safe with our big raccoon problem, that would really help. Unfortunately, the grassfed beef that I can afford is all frozen. The stuff from the butcher is all ribeyes and new york steaks. What do they do with the rest of the cow?
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      SB hikes, can you just cook the whole steak, and cut up the leftovers for lunches? I make four-five days of lunches and freeze them and open one each day. The beauty is that if something comes up and you can't eat the lunch, well it's frozen and it's food for a long time.

      I was bad last week and had candy spice drops for lunch. But when I'm being good, the natural food store sells coconut macaroons. And they have this sort of rice-stick wrapped in nori seaweed which is pretty good is not fully primal.
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        Apparently, it might get packaged. You could call and pre-order with your butcher, ask them to have it in stock, and you'll bring your own packaging (it might work?).

        The bokashi bin can be kept (and usually is kept) indoors. You could also keep it in a garage or similar while it ferments. They are basically 5 gallon buckets that you keep the lid shut tight. Raccoons are tough, but if you keep it indoors, they are unlikely to get to it.


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          Originally posted by jammies View Post
          I had family staying with me for a week where we did lots of driving. I bought a few boxes of granola bars, crackers, and fruit bars for the in the car. The family is not primal and I figured it was still better then getting fast food.

          For myself, about 3 months ago I had a terrible day. I went out and bought a package of oreo cookies. I ate about 15 cookies in one sitting. I threw up about about an hour later
          If that's a terrible day for you then I'm already in hell
          well then


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            Does canned tuna count? Or canned salmon? Because we buy lots of that...

            Oh and mustard. We get the good kind-- Boars' head-- ingredients are like mustard seeds, vinegar, horseradish-- but it is packaged.
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              I bought pre-packaged bque sauce and I still buy salad dressing for my husband.. he doesnt like my homemade
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