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  • supplements....

    I am wondering if there is a good all around mutivitamin where i can get my calcium, b complex, folic acid and vitamin d all in one? Rigtnow i am taking them all separately, some liquid, some pills and it would be nice to just have to take one thing!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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    I tried to find a multi I was comfortable. They all have stuff I don't want.

    Also, there is no one multi that is right for everyone. Even the standard approach of having vitamins for kids, women, men, senior women and senior men is still a shotgun approach.

    So, the short answer is "No."
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      Hard to get the calcium, but there are a few you can get everything else from, one of them being New Chapter. New Chapter even has a little vitamin K2 in it. This is expensive stuff though, but well worth it if you have the bones to throw.