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What about green beans and bean sprouts?

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  • What about green beans and bean sprouts?

    I get a stomach ache after eating bean sprouts so will be illiminating these out my diet anyway, but are they allowed or do they come under legumes? Also same question for green beans. I don't think I have any digestion issues with these but just wondering if they're ok, or not because of the beans inside the pod? Thanks!

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    Generaly speaking, if you can eat it straight of the plant raw then it counts as a vegetable, esp if you eat the pod as well as the bean, so things green beans, runner beans, french beans are fine to eat.
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      I believe Cordain advises you to not make green beans a staple of your diet because of anti nutrients found in them. I personally hate green bean and think they are wretched. So either way they never cross my lips.
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