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DH feels horribly sick since going primal this week

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  • DH feels horribly sick since going primal this week

    Anyone have advice on how to lessen the symptoms? Mainly, he's dealing with fatigue (sleeping 2-3 hours more per day than he used to), aching muscles, and some queasiness.

    Prior to going primal he ate a pretty SAD with plenty of junk food and fast food (including an acknowledged addiction to fast food, complete with withdrawl symptoms when he's tried to stop in the past).

    I've transitioned our household food to primal over the past month and he likes the food, but was still eating his regular junk on top of it which just led to weight gain (duh!). Starting three days ago he has eaten only primal whole foods and no junk - and his symptoms started 24 hours into this.

    He took two days off of work b/c he felt so fatigued/terrible but that's not an option long-term - he needs to be functional. What can we do/feed him to help? I was thinking he probably needs more fat but wasn't sure what else (I eat pretty high fat/high carb for primal given that I'm pregnant and am naturally thin with a high metabolism, DH needs to lose 40 lbs and his gut health isn't the greatest).
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    Sounds like 'Carb Flu'~ try adding more healthy carbs, like sweet potatoes.


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      It's not going to be a "long term" thing. He has to get through the clearing-out and adapting process. Should take 2-3 weeks max. But the worst symptoms are at the beginning.


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        I was going to say carb flu as well. Tell him to tough it out like the rest of us lol!


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          I started about a week and a half ago and I was tired for about a week. I increased my fat intake and now I feel full of energy.


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            Sounds like carb flu. I had the same thing in the beginning. It will get better.


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              I had 'carb flu' that didn't disappear at all! 6-8 weeks later I still felt like crap, so I increased carbs (sweet potato and a couple of fruits) and ended up feeling much better :-)


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                The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting) low-carb Pt II


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                  When I first made the switch, I felt like I was going to puke for 3-4 days straight. I think the combination of low blood sugar and an amount of fat intake my stomach wasn't used to was the culprit. I found plain yogurt relieved the symptoms a little, probably because it's gentle on the stomach (assuming you're not lactose intolerant) and it has a bit more carbs than a lot of strictly primal foods. Fruit and/or potatoes might help ease the nausea and fatigue too. But it seems like most people go through some amount of misery in the first days or weeks.


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                    I've heard that bone broth can help, as it ups your salt levels since most people lose a lot of water weight initially.


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                      My husband had the "carb flu" so badly, he thought he had food poisoning and laid on the couch, bed, or by the toilet for 24 hours. After this, he got better and better each day. Your husband will be on the other side of this soon! On a side-note, I am fascinated by how differently this affected his body vs. how it affected mine. I felt a little "cloudy" and out of it for about 4 days in the beginning, but that was the worst of it. I wouldn't say that our diets were all that different in the beginning, but diabetes and heart disease is rampant in his family and there is nearly no diabetes or heart disease in my family even both of our extended families are equally as overweight/obese. Sugar sensitivity is hereditary? My husband is also very thin (6' tall and 158 lbs.) and I am slightly over-weight (5'-6" and 161 lbs.). Just some interesting observations.
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