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Primal/Paleo eateries in Sydney & Tokyo

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  • Primal/Paleo eateries in Sydney & Tokyo

    I'll be off on holiday to Sydney and Tokyo in 2 weeks time. As is traditional on these occasions, I'll be dining out often. Can anyone recommend any good cafes/restaurants that offer plenty of choice for the Primal traveller? Or, at the very least, places that don't bugger about with their food too much.

    Sadly Michelin-starred fine dining is probably beyond my reach, but anything in the "cheap eats" to the "a-bit-more-than-you'd-normally-pay-but-that's-okay-coz-you're-on-holiday-and-it's-really-good" categories would be appreciated.

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    I live in southern Japan so not Tokyo but I can tell you a few things. First, all soy sauce has wheat in it and most sauces tend to have soy sauce in it so if you are trying to be gluten or wheat free it will be tough. Still...if a bit of wheat in the soy sauce isn't a big problem for you then of course any sushi place (if you eat rice) or sashimi place will be fine. The other thing I LOVE is grill fresh beef, chicken, pork, innards (if you like them), vegetables etc at your table yourself. Again, the sauce will have wheat in it but it is probably one of your best bets. If you need to , you can bring your own wheat free soy sauce (with you on the plane unopened and in your checked bags-due to the rules about how much liquids you can bring on the plane.I don't know any place you can buy wheat free soy sauce in a store in Japan) to sushi places and even yakiniku restaurants as I have done in the past (when I would get asthma after eating anything with wheat)-just ask the waiter to not add any sauce to the raw meat-some places do and some don't. Also, at lunch, the meals tend to be reasonably priced but dinner is more expensive esp at yakiniku restaurants. Oh yeah...yakitori (grilled meat on skewers) is also great but again...sauce.

    I hate to say it but Japan is not a great place for primal esp if you can't cook yourself or really need to avoid wheat/gluten. Of course, in Tokyo they may have something we don't down here and international restaurants might have more choices.

    Hopefully someone from Tokyo will chime in here!
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      Uhhhh....sushi/sashimi? xD
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