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Eating every other day

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  • Eating every other day

    Is there anything wrong with drinking only water one day then eating all day the next (primal), alternating indefinitely?

    I have eaten loads today and I don't feel too bad and yesterday when I was fasting I felt really good, probably from giving digestion a break

    Can anyone see any problems with this approach? I'm not looking to lose weight just trying to fix my digestive system and skin/complexion

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    it's not my style, but you'll be fine if you do this. check out 'eat stop eat.'


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      I've been doing this, fasting on rest days, eating on lifting days.
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        Nothing wrong at all. If you're liking it, do it.


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          When I decide to buy into a Korean or Brazilian BBQ buffet...this is what I will do
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            I would love it. Not having to think about cooking etc every other day? Awesome! Eating 6000-7000 in an hour sitting? Yes please.
            It's kind of impossible for me though because I'd get too hungry and I'm still growing and my parents would freak out I'll try it when I'm older
            well then


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              You may want to look into JUDDDing. The UpDayDownDay Diet™ This is basically just another kind of intermittent fasting but it is an every other day type thing. I have been doing this since February with good results although I did tweak it to be primal. There is a very active JUDDD forum here Lowcarb Friends . Not everyone on the forum is primal but there are a few.


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                Thanks for the responses, I don't want to lose weight though
                If man made it, don't eat it


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                  I've been doing this