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  • Caffeine?

    Anyone give up caffeine and feel significantly better????

    I have had blood work done and my Adrenal Gland is now fried. I'm sure from being a caffeine junky and living a high stress lifestyle.

    I'm finally ready to give up the caffeine so I can claim some of my energy back!!!

    I just need a little support.

    Thanks guys!!!!

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    You will feel so much beter when you do. There wil be wold turkey for a day or more. Get through it and you'll start to feel great.


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      NO WAY IN HELL!!!! They will have to pry my coffee mug from my cold dead hand! I have eliminated many foods in my diet but the one thing that remains constant is good black coffee.
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        I definitely feel way better with coffee. It's either coffee or antidepressants for me. I choose coffee.


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          I once eliminated coffee (I do drink it again, but much less than I did before) and I am prone to migraines (at least at that time I was since I have been headache free for two years now, but that is another story). I knew there was a possibility of getting a big headache if I went cold turkey, so I weaned myself off over a two week period and experienced no adverse symptoms of withdrawal. I did this by reducing the amount I drank by 25% for a few days, then another 25% for a few days, etc. until I was down to about a third of a cup (a real cup, not a big ass mug) first thing in the morning. Then after a couple of days with that last bit, stopping altogether.

          Totally doable.
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            I am back on coffee but really not a coffee drinker most of my life, was thinking about this on my walk this morning. Endocrinologists like Diana Shwarzbein says it's bad for the adrenal ie don't get addicted to stimulants. Probably good advice. Otoh I like the caffeine boost- 1-2 cups a day isn't that much.


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              they can pry the coffee out of my cold, dead, neolithic hands.


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                I think the fact that people feel so strongly about coffee and other caffeine containing substances speaks volumes about its addictive properties. I gave up caffeine years ago because I had a withdrawal headache every morning and I couldn't see how that was good for my health. If I have a coffee now (I very rarely do) I feel jittery and wired and my appetite goes crazy the next day. It took me a good few weeks to kick the caffeine, but I think I'm particularly sensitive to it so it probably wouldn't take most people as long. For me caffeine is a big no no, at least on a par with gluten, but maybe that's just me.


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                  I gave up coffee about three years ago, but to be honest, I didn't feel any different when I didn't drink it. Didn't have more energy, and I certainly didn't sleep better! I'm back on now with a vengeance, and I love it.

                  I think it's bad for everyone's kidneys, but possibly it affects people's constitution differently? I never get jittery - it just makes me more energetic.

                  edit: Although I've noticed in the last few days that I get a headache in the morning if I don't have my morning cup. Totally addicted..!
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                  In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

                  - Ray Peat


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                    I am so hooked on Gevalia Peruvian organic with 1 TBS heavy cream.

                    I take a mug of it outside with me as soon as I get up, check on things, listen to the birds, give thanks that I'm alive and well.
                    It's the only caffeine I have all day except for the small amt in green tea & dark choc. Can't give it up


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                      I gave up coffee on my neurologist's orders. The frequency of my seizures dropped off dramatically. Migraines went away too.

                      Now most people say, "Well I don't have epilepsy. That doesn't apply to me." I think that most people can get by with drinking coffee but, if it causes anyone's brain to have more seizures, it probably isn't really very good for anyone.

                      Total agreement with lizmint. People get really defensive about their addictions.


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                        I gave it up for about a month a while back, and my energy levels totally stabilized and I felt a lot better. I now drink it once or twice a week, but I'm contemplating giving it up for another month and then seeing if I want it after that. I think the quality of the coffee is extremely important here -- the presence of mycotoxins might determine whether or not your coffee is worth drinking.


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                          The difference for me with regards to coffee is that I used to drink a pot of it every day just to stay functional during the afternoon blood sugar crash. Now I drink a cup or 2 a couple of days a week just to get that slight buzz but not as a crutch to make it through the day.


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                            I cannot imagine life without my coffee. If I have more than two cups I get anxious and off the wall, so i know it defintely affects me. However, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't take drugs and I don't eat chocolate. I need a vice so I'll make it coffee thanks! I do still have it with a bit of milk, I tried cream for a couple of weeks and gained weight.


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                              I quit caffeine (again) a few months back. I didn't even have much, maybe averaged about a cup of coffee or so a day. I seem to be fairly sensitive to it. When I'm off, I can wake up easier in the mornings, I have more energy in general, and I can even stay up later at night. I also have less PMS symptoms and less anxiety in general.