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  • Healthier Grilling?

    I freakin love BBQ!!!
    It's definitely my preferred way of cooking any meat.
    But i know there are dangers involved with high heat, carcinogens, etc.
    Specifically, i'm wondering if a smoker (which cooks for a long time with very low heat) would be better than a high-heat gas grill? Or does all the smoke cancel out any benefits?
    Any other tips that will let me continue to enjoy bbq here in the south where you can grill year round?

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    Bueller? Bueller?


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      There is a difference between grilling and BBQing. Grilling is high heat and quick. BBQ should be low and slow. If done right, no flare ups and little if any charring. Most people are somewhare in between on the two.


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        Two Words - Man Grate - Mangrate Grill Enhancement System

        Heat em up and then turn down the grill to low. Cook using the heat in the grates. Gently cooks the meat, keep the juices in. Love them! Just so you know, they are small, you need at least three to have a descent grilling surface. We have 4 and they cover just over half of my rather large grilling surface.


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          First of all, as has been stated, grilling != BBQ. You cannot BBQ in a gas grill.

          That being said, when I grill, I use a Webber kettle grill with lump charcoal started in a chimney. And I don't burn my meat. Briquettes are pressed together and bound with all kinds of chemicals; when you then start it with lighter fluid, who knows what you're eating. Lump charcoal is just wood scraps, and you start it with newspaper.

          There is no way anyone is going to convince me wild game or grass fed meat grilled medium - medium rare over burning wood is unhealthy.


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            That's totally right!!


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              Well we have a brand new house and it came with an outdoor kitchen with one of those infrared gas grills.
              I know they have the ability to cook super hot/quick, but they can be turned down and just like a gas stove, there is pretty good control over the heat levels.
              So i'd like to use this nice grill if possible. Sounds like the answer is just to cook super low.

              Still curious though about the big smokers and their effects on the food if anyone has any good information on that.