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Calling low carb & exercise vets

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  • Calling low carb & exercise vets

    Hi Tarlach, Eva, Timothy, any others I might have missed.

    Some of you have posted your diet routine and fitness activities at times, but I would love to see what a week's worth of food and movement looks for you. This means what you ate, how much and when; and how you worked out.

    A lot of people doing journals here are newer but I learned a lot from the reading posts from those who have been doing this a while with good results. Would any of you be willing to do this? Tarlach I know you posted your diet several weeks ago; is it still steak every night or do you mixed it up any? What kind of strength training are you doing?

    No pressure at all, only if you feel comfortable - thanks!

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    ps, Griff too, and sure there are others...


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      How low carb are you thinking? Low, or VERY low? I'm happy to participate, but I cruise along on about 65g carbs/day.

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        Barbeygirl - 65g is about what I aim for...I'd love for you to participate!

        Great idea for a thread for us newbies still learning (I'm about four weeks in now)

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          Yes I guess was mostly thinking of the carnivore types doing under 50g but if you are willing I still be interested!


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            Sure Tiger, I'd be happy to answer to the best of my recollection. It's two months since I started the PB so some of this will probably change, but here's where I am now.

            For meals, I have developed a rough pattern of three meals one day followed by a 24-hour IF (or near-IF) ending with dinner the next day.

            Day "A" Breakfast: Three butter-fried eggs with runny yolks and some kefir OR a zero-carb protein shake with unsweetened almond milk/coconut milk OR a bottle of juiced greens (3g of sugar, but it's all from dark green veg.) Also supplements (just started DCMF today) and a double dose of either cod liver oil or salmon oil.

            Day "A" Lunch: Four strips of bacon and a sliced up sausage (either chicken or seafood) all fried in butter. Also three eggs if I have time and appetite.

            Day "A" Dinner: The real feast. To take last night's example, all fried in butter/coconut oil/bacon grease:

            - Five strips bacon doused in cinnamon

            - One sliced chicken sausage

            - One sliced seafood sausage

            - Three eggs

            - Steak, chard, and kale off my wife's plate

            - Romaine salad topped with whitefish caviar (caviar turns out to be an amazing salad dressing. You don't need much and it's great for your raw animal quota.)

            - Three servings of thawed, cooked shrimp, each dipped in the oil from the skillet that fried the above

            - Protein shake with almond milk

            - Two more doses of salmon oil or cod liver oil

            - Four squares of sugar-free chocolate dipped in almond butter

            Day "B" Breakfast: IF

            Day "B" Lunch: IF

            Day "B" Dinner: Like Day "A" Dinner, but possibly even larger

            Eating this way, I lose fat like it's melting off my body while gaining muscle.

            I'd like to evolve to be more like Tarlach in my eating (more exotic, nutrient-dense meats, fewer incidental carbs and non-primal things like protein powder and sugar alcohol) but I'm pretty happy with the way my diet is for now.

            On the exercise front, I do a 30-60 minute urban workout every morning (see my comment on Mark's front page post today for details). I always save time for 15-20 minutes of shovelglove when I get home. (Check out It's the only weight training I've done for weeks and it's loads of fun.) At night I usually do a bit more casual shovelglove just for the fun of it. Also, I have a 15-pound infant whom I carry around constantly.

            I keep meaning to do Tabata sprints and chickening out. I do get some nice spontaneous sprints in during my urban workout, though.

            Hope this helps! I'm happy to share any more details that might interest you.


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              Oh yeah, my weekly routine is just the above times seven, except that I take a rest day about once a week (not by the calendar, just by listening to my body) when I limit my exercise to walking around a lot and light shovelglove.

              I should also mention I'm big on opportunistic exercises. For example, every time I'm alone in an elevator I bang out as many pushups as I can. When I'm in the car, I use a handheld gyroscope exercise ball to get me through traffic. I sprint to my car in the parking garage. When I'm standing in line at the store I do calf raises, et al.

              I also do my exercises as underdressed as I can get away with to heighten the fat-burn-for-body-warmth effect. Also, I have become a huge fan of exercising in direct sunlight as opposed to indoors. Sorry Wii Fit... I've outgrown you


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                Thanks a lot Timothy, that's great to see how you are working the IF into your routine but still eating plenty to fuel your body. Appreciate it.


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                  Ok, here goes:


                  Breakfast -- Spinach salad with steamed, chilled asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrot; 4 oz canned wild salmon; 1/4 cup walnuts; 2 Tbs olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

                  Lunch -- Fat Guacamole Devils; sugar snap peas and bell pepper strips dipped in full-fat sour cream.

                  Dinner -- Pork roast; roasted sweet potato; steamed brussels sprouts with butter.

                  Workout -- 3x rotation of decline pushups; situps w/ 25 lb plate; wide pullups; HLRs w/ 15 lb dumbbell between ankles; close-grip pushups; planks. Each set to failure. Horse training.



                  Breakfast -- IF until 1:30 (total of about 18 hours).

                  Lunch -- Spinach salad with steamed veggies, 2 HB eggs, tuna, and olive oil & vinegar.

                  Dinner -- Stew beef slow cooked in beef broth, worch sauce, garlic, and onions. 1/2 cup each blueberries and coconut milk.

                  Workout: Active rest day. Long walk & horse training.



                  Breakfast -- 2 duck eggs over easy; 5 strips bacon; 5 asparagus spears and a small zucchini sauteed in bacon grease.

                  Lunch -- Apple with almond butter. BAS with raw sugar snap peas, bell pepper, leftover pork roast, and olive oil & vinegar.

                  Dinner -- Reheated stew beef.

                  Workout -- 5x heavy squats, weighted chinups, bench presses, and renegade rows. Horseback ride.



                  Breakfast -- BAS with canned fish, nuts, and olive oil.

                  Lunch -- Cold pork roast dipped in spicy mustard. 2 HB eggs.

                  Dinner -- Thai chicken and coconut milk soup with vegetables. 1/2 oz 99% chocolate.

                  Workout -- 8x 100-meter hill sprints. Horse training.



                  Breakfast -- IF until about 1:30

                  Lunch -- Leftover Thai chicken and coconut soup

                  Dinner -- 3-egg omelet with onion, jalapeno, and mushrooms. Steamed sugar snap peas and carrots with butter.

                  Workout -- 4x rotation of pushups, L-sits, weighted pullups, pistols, one-arm dumbbell bench presses, and weighted dips. Ride.



                  Breakfast -- 3-egg crustless quiche with veggies and sausage.

                  Lunch -- Banana with almond butter. BAS with canned fish, avocado, raw veggies, olive oil & vinegar.

                  Dinner -- Primal chili with lots of ground beef, sausage, and olives. 1/2 avocado.

                  Workout -- Play day! Long horseback ride (endurance conditioning) and training/farm work all day.



                  Breakfast -- Half a baked spaghetti squash with 1 cup coconut milk and 1/3 cup pecans.

                  Lunch -- Leftover chili topped with 1/2 avocado.

                  Dinner -- 1 can kippered herring, 2 HB eggs, raw veggies dipped in sour cream. Blueberries and 1/2 oz 99% dark chocolate.

                  Workout -- 5x rotation of heavy lunges, barbell rows, deadlifts, military presses. Riding/training/farm work all day.

                  Nightlife ~ Chronicles of Less Urban Living, Fresh from In the Night Farm ~ Idaho's Primal Farm!

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                    My pleasure, TigerJ. Restraint at the dinner table has never been a talent of mine, so I am relieved to have discovered that under the PB, my voracious appetite can be a strength!


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                      hey I am from 20-50 grams a day and after I finish off this tub of protein powder, and bag of walnuts i still like 2 pounds :/ i plan on going under 10 a day, mainly from eggs, and perhaps some cheese, or heavy cream. I am trying to gain some weight right now so my calories are pretty high, and the weight gain so far has been pretty much muscle :-) once spring break starts I plan on trying to loose about 10 pounds so my menu will change but this is it as of now:


                      Always eggs anywhere from 3-6 with some meat tossed in, usually leftovers from the day before, plus 2 oz cheese

                      Snack-protein and oil shake

                      Lunch-usually 4 hard-boiled eggs, half avocado, and a can of tuna

                      snack- 3-5oz walnuts

                      dinner- usually three eggs+ a solid 1-2 pounds of meat with 2 oz cheese

                      dessert-3 oz walnuts ground up mixed with protein powder and three eggs cooked into some funky mock oat-like dish

                      That is about my menu everyday, and I pack around 3000-4500 calories, sometimes more like the other day I added a whole rotisserie chicken to that

                      My workout is as follows:

                      Monday: Lift heavy things-squat, bench, invert rows, push-ups, sit ups

                      Tuesday: sprints

                      Wednesday:-go on long walks, sometimes carrying dumbbells (if on treadmill), or a weighed backpack if outside

                      Thursday:-lift heavy things-squat, overhead press, deadlift, pull-ups, planks

                      Friday-kettlebells, bodyweight training, animal exercises

                      Saturday-usually hiking, but whatever I feel like mainly doing. Usually a play day

                      Sunday- I rest

                      Once I start trying to loose weight I plan on doing it warrior diet style (20 hours fasting, 4 eating), and go carnivore.

                      that diet will at least 1 gram protein for LBM, and the rest will be fat, and most likely calories will be slowly dropped to about 2000


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                        This is some great info!!!

                        Anybody have a starter workout? You know, for those of us sore from spinting for a total of 60 sec? wnkwink

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                          Thanks GrokinOut, good workout info too. Do you mind if I ask your height and weight? Just curious, helps put the meals/calories etc in perspective.


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                            @Taratootie -- I posted my beginning workouts recently, here:

                            Nightlife ~ Chronicles of Less Urban Living, Fresh from In the Night Farm ~ Idaho's Primal Farm!

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                              ps, BarbeyGirl, really helpful. I see that you are eating extra fats (nuts, olive oil, avo, eggs) when you eat fish. Agree that fish by itself usually feels thin. Thanks!