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    The only thing that has ever had any effect on my acne is dairy. When I cut it out, my acne disappeared about 2-3 months later. I tried re-introducing dairy and even grassfed yogurt made me break out within 2-3 weeks. I tried this experiment multiple times, always with the same result, so it was pretty obvious that it was the dairy.


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      I don't believe dairy causes acne, listen to this radio show for more info:
      Ray Peat Milk Calcium and Hormones 06/03 by Josh Jeanne Rubin | Blog Talk Radio

      You will need to do a lot of research to figure it all out & whatever you do, don't use Accutane.


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        Try experimenting with cutting out grains, and/or dairy, and/or sugar. I've found that eliminating grains and sugar has improved my acne tremendously. Dairy, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have any negative effects on me.
        Yes, the real Dirk.


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          i have been on a whole foods diet for a decade and cut out the grains and went primal two yrs ago. many great and hormone regualtion/improvement have been limited to unnoticeable. i will say spiralactone is one med that has done wonders for my hormonal breakouts (only for women) and pms symptoms. it is usually combined with birth control for best results. takes time to see results (3-4 months for me.) it blocks testosterone and aldosterone to prevent salt retention and BP issues to reugalte mood swings. improved oil on face and hair and curbs anger- the worst part for me.

          i get concerned about elevated potassium levels with prolonged use, however. tried to quit taking it earlier this year with horrendous backlash from my sex glands.

          *as a feminist, i hate to blame anything on being a woman. as a victim of severe and debilitating pms/pmdd/whatever the hell you wanna call it, i've gotta be honest with myself to find answers.
          this wounded bear is gonna find ALL the, reveal thyself!!


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            Originally posted by Momto3 View Post
            When I first went primal (2 years ago today!) my skin cleared up nicely. I got my first compliment on my skin! With having PCOS, and acne as one of the main symptoms, I was beyond thrilled. But the last 6 months -year I have had persistent jawline/neck acne.

            Last month I went off Metformin to see how my hormones would regulate and so far so good! Except the acne. I would love to stay off Met. I have been trying treat naturally. I added in some herbal supplements for my hormones ( goat's rue & DIM) and have also done brewers yeast, fermented cod liver/high vitamin oil, probiotics. I also added kelp for the iodine.

            Today I am starting the 21 day Sugar Detox.... Which cuts out dairy too. Butter is still ok. I am sure it will help me overall. I hope it helps the acne.

            Right now the acne is only on my neck over the lymph nodes.

            Does anyone have any insights or suggestions. I love how my body has been I just need my skin to cooperate.
            Acne is not any mystery. Neither is PCOS, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Endometriosis, Cysts, Painful Cycle. All and much more are caused by severe Iodine deficiency. I recommend the Doctor Brownstein Iodine Protocol:
            Iodine Anyone? - Page 262 | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page 262

            Acne is caused by the same thing causing the severe iodine deficiency. Bromide, Fluoride & chlorine are toxic chemicals in our food & water that are displacing iodine in every cell in our body. This article explains why this is happening:
            Iodine deficiencies & dosages

            Iodine is supposed to be in every cell in our body, including our skin. Unfortunately when Fluoride or Bromide invades our skin cells, the result is Fluoroderma or Bromoderma.
            Here is a great article on Fluoroderma:

            The best way to detox all of these toxins is the iodine supplementation protocol, fully documented here:

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              see...THIS is why you join a forum. could hug your face off, grizz.
              this wounded bear is gonna find ALL the, reveal thyself!!


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                Some iodine is good. It is possible to have too much of a good thing however.
                Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

                Griff's cholesterol primer
                5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
                Winterbike: What I eat every day is what other people eat to treat themselves.
                TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
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                  Originally posted by yogashmoga View Post
                  see...THIS is why you join a forum. could hug your face off, grizz.
                  I would REALLY appreciate such a hug, being your red blooded American MAN. All I ask is that you ladies report your progress from taking iodine with the required supplements to our iodine message group here:

                  The only problem you are likely to experience is if you take too much iodine too soon. Too much Iodine releases toxins into your bloodstream faster than your liver & kidneys can process them. As long as you follow directions carefully there is not likely to be any problems. There are, for example > 6,000 taking this same iodine protocol with stunning success at the Yahoo Iodine Group: Please see their front page:
                  iodine : Iodine

                  Also download their latest Iodine Guide here:
                  Metasearch Search Engine -

                  This is a world wide movement to educate women on the need for iodine. You will see all of the supporting doctor reports at this location:

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                    Hi, Grizz! Guess what?! I was at the pet store the other day and saw a Betta Pugnax. I've bred bettas, raised them and sold them. I had about fifteen at one point. Crowntail, fighter plakat, metallic scales - even a green metallic whose mask covered his eyes! He looked like darth vader! So anyway, I saw this wild betta of lore and just couldn't say no.

                    Every time Grizz tries to sell his snake oil, I get to tell a stupid story. It's a little deal we have going on. Iodine is retarded. Your body only requires trace amounts. It's way too easy to overdose. Grizz shoots the stuff up his butthole. How is that smart? There is no biological precedence for iodine in the rectum. Anyway, don't waste your time with iodine. It's just Grizz's latest flame. If you look back at all of his posts, you'll see the last fads he was hooked on, in sequence. Ignore him.

                    Things that make acne worse for me:
                    Fake olive oil
                    Soybean oil
                    Any dairy at all (butter, cheese, goat - it's all the same. Instant boils.)
                    Too much nut or nut butter, or nut oils.
                    Hot water, any soap at all

                    Things that help:
                    Showering as rarely as possible, and then only with cool water
                    Teas, herbs, dandelion root, mint, etc.
                    Green apples
                    Sunlight. If I give my face a tan it stays really clear for a few days, much like a dose of dandelion root will do.
                    Eating tons of saturated fat, like my tallow, coconut oil and coconut milk, eggs, etc.
                    Staying Primal and not giving in to those free cookies. When I do, I pay for it. For days or even a week.

                    If I were you (this is how I figured out what gives me zits), I'd strip down to nothing but veggies and animal bits for at least a week. If your zits are all cleared by then, try adding back a big dose of one of your suspected causes. Say, drink three glasses of milk and see what happens. If you break out within the next day or two, you can begin to suspect the milk.

                    Definitely ditch the butter for tallow for now. It's a big upgrade and SO easy to make. Just chop suet, boil it on low heat, mash it up, keep boiling it and mashing it, strain into jars and refrigerate. That's it!
                    Crohn's, doing SCD


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                      Sorry knifegill,

                      But I have all the doctor reports to prove you are dead wrong.

                      Also the Yahoo Iodine Group has a very good doctor that proves you dead wrong.
                      iodine : Iodine

                      Also Doctor Brownstein proves you to be dead wrong:
                      Iodine Deficiency - An Under-Recognized Epidemic
                      An Interview With Dr. David Brownstein On Iodine and Thyroid Health | Natural Thyroid Treatment/Graves Disease/Hashimotos Thyroiditis

                      So ladies, don't let this troll ruin your chances of improving your health,


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                        It's so cute! I can't help but what wonder what your next pet will be when your iodine is found dead in its cage.
                        Crohn's, doing SCD


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                          Originally posted by yogashmoga View Post
                          see...THIS is why you join a forum. could hug your face off, grizz.
                          Here are some excerpts from the file "Iodine References" complete with references to back up the statements I have made.
                          This information is for those who are skeptical that iodine deficiency causes so many diseases.

                          Symptoms from simple iodine Deficiency

                          (typically the same as hypothyroidism - Link )
                          Dr. Flechas Interview: ”Hormone Receptors and Iodine. All hormone receptors are dependent on iodine, which increases the sensitivity of the receptor to the hormone it is designed for. For example, it can increase the sensitivity of
                          insulin receptors and thus help with diabetes. Similarly, it can increase the sensitivity of the receptors for neurotransmitters (e.g., serotonin, dopamine, GABA) in the brain. Thus, depression may lift after taking iodine. It can also increase the sensitivity of receptors for testosterone and FSH/LH. This 2 hr interview was just one revelation after another.
                          Cholesterol levels increased (1) * Cysts of skin, breast & ovaries (2,9)
                          * Cold intolerance (cold hands & feet) (1) * Concentration decreased [brain fog] (1)
                          * Constipation (1) * Depression (1)
                          * Diabetes (4) * Dry, coarse hair (1)
                          * Dry skin (1) * Dry Mouth
                          * Dry Eyes * Excessive sleepiness (1)
                          * Fatigue (1) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome * Fibromyalgia (4)
                          * Fluid Retention (4) * Graves’ Disease (4)
                          * Hair Loss (10) * Headaches (11)
                          * Heart rate slowing (1) * Hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Hashi’s (4, 9)
                          * Immune system reduced function (4) * Insomnia (4)
                          * Keloids (9) * Memory Poor (12)
                          * Miscarriages & Low Baby IQ * Mental Retardation
                          * Muscle Cramps, Pain (1,4) * Parotid duct stones.(12)
                          * Puffiness around the eyes (1) * Stomach Problems
                          * Sweating reduced or gone(1) * Swelling of the legs (edema) (1)
                          * Temperature drop in body temp (1) * Thyroid cysts (Goiters) (2,3)
                          * Weakness (12) * Weight gain (1)

                          Symptoms from SEVERE Iodine Deficiency
                          * Migraine headaches (5,6) * Painful periods/heavy periods (5,6)
                          * Pelvic pain (5,6) * PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) (5,6)
                          * Endometriosis (5,6) * Fibroid Tumors (5,6)
                          * Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) (5,6) * Breast pain (fibrocystic tissue) (5,6)
                          * Cancers in female breasts & organs (5,6) * Lung Cancers (13)
                          * Prostate problems including Cancer (7,8) * testicular cancer (7,8)
                          * Thyroid Cancers * Erectile Dysfunction
                          * Aches and pains, vague (1) * Asthma (13)
                          * Brittle Nails (12) * Candida(4)
                          (1) Iodine Therapy
                          (2) Thyroid Cyst Symptoms |
                          (3) Iodine Cures
                          (4) Iodine Therapy
                          (5) Iodine Deficiency and Estrogen Dominant Diseases - Jorge D. Flechas, MD - YouTube
                          (6) Iodine for Health by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD
                          (7) Cancer and Iodine - The Iodine Project
                          (8) Iodine Deficiency - An Under-Recognized Epidemic
                          (9) Dr. James Howenstine -- Iodine is Vital For Good Health
                          (10) Iodine and Hair Loss: Is There A Connection? | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
                          (11) Dr. James Howenstine -- Iodine is Vital For Good Health
                          (12) Iodine deficiency symptoms and benefits | Foods containing Iodine | Overdose Symptoms
                          (13) Dr. David Derry Answers Reader Questions -- Asthma and Thyroid Hormones

                          Bottom line - iodine is required for optimal health. Seaweed is not recommended because it is contaminated with chemicals & arsenic.

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                            Aww, it's adorable.
                            Crohn's, doing SCD


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                              I've had exceptionally clear skin for my entire life (although I'm only in my early 20' not sure if that counts as "entire life"...) and the only times that I got a few pimples on my face were because:

                              1) I played on the computer too long (we're talking >8 hours)
                              2) I had too little sleep
                              3) I ate processed food a week straight (I've pretty much cooked or have stuff cooked for me from scratch at home all my life)
                              4) I ate half my calories worth of cheese every other day for a month
                              My chocolatey Primal journey

                              Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


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                                you are very lucky. those are things i can monitor. breathing affects my hormones. extremely uncomfortable to cut out.

                                i'm definitely doing my research on the iodine, although i've noticed i get a lot from my diet going back through fitday. starting with a new "primal" doc next week and very excited about it. after tests with him, it very likely seems like something i will add to the regimen and experiment with for a few weeks. gotta finish testing out the CWT first. i only test one variable at a time. really appreciate the resources! i will share my results for sure.
                                this wounded bear is gonna find ALL the, reveal thyself!!