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    I think with the reasons behind the eating disorder you described (empowerment, control, etc), there is a way to avoid falling into starving yourself but still being able to fast. IF for females is best at 14 hours, not 16 which is better for men... Google MDA for the details on that. Sleeping hours also count. So, if you are interested in fasting for the health benefits, let dinner be your last meal, finish up by 6 or 7pm, go to bed early, then eat breakfast at 8 or 9 am for a 14 hour fast. That way you don't skip meals which results in that empowered feeling that is addicting. Keep a normal day schedule. Read up on MDA for the benefits of fasting, and his post on who should not fast. There is more to it than losing weight. And he also suggests you eat primally for a few weeks before fasting. The main thing is to know the why behind your actions. If you are fasting simply for a feeling of control, then don't do it. If you are fasting because you like the feeling of being able to fast better than someone else (perfectionism/ego boost), then don't do it. Be "judgement day" honest with yourself.
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      One thing I'd like to add to this discussion is this: If you consider IF ing and have history dealing with EDs, I would strongly recommend counting calories when you first try it. IF ing usually is a great platform to reduce calorie intake for people who typically overeat when unchecked, which I think is most of us here, myself included, but ultimately a healthy IF ing regime will leave one eating at maintenance over the long run (assuming they wish to maintain their current body composition).

      If you are fasting and see that you are chronically under consuming overall calories, I would recommend not doing it for now. ED's are very serious and managing this should be your top priority. I recommend readin user Malpaz's posts. She was a former anorexic and her transformation is nothing short of amazing, though I'm not sure if she's still around here.


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        Thanks for all of the excellent advice, my friends. Sorry I didn't reply for awhile; I read the replies on my phone but cannot easily respond to it until I have a computer. I like what someone said about IF is more about redistributing caloric intake than minimizing it; eat just as many calories but in a smaller window of time. That's a good way to help realize that it's definitely not about keeping nutrition from myself, just timing it differently.

        Some days like today I'm just not hungry and eat realitvely few calories and skip breakfast (I clocked 520 calories today but I probably missed a couple hundred by mis-estimating and snacking on the kids' grapes), but when I am hungry I eat. I think it's smart like you guys said to just eat whenever I'm hungry for a couple of weeks at least before I purposefully do IF. I think that if I'm not hungry though, like with breakfast a lot of days, it's okay to just put off eating until I do get hungry and at that point go ahead and get my fill.

        Even though my ED was short lived (a few months) and non-diagnosable (only lost 15 lbs, not enough % of body weight) and had nothing to do with appearance (I hated it when people noticed!), it still causes me troubles sometimes to this day! Oy. I'm really hoping that PB's way of eating intuitively will settle a lot of things and make it easier. No reason to force myself to eat at certain times or to wait until the next meal time, and the foods I do eat will actually be satisfying! So far, 5 lbs down, and feeling great. (-:

        Started PB on Monday, June 4. I'm focusing on my health in 2012, including taking natural supplements, zumba and strength training, regular church attendance and studying the Bible, spending time with good friends, and reading more. I want to see what health milestones I can achieve this year!

        Starting body fat - 41%
        Starting weight - 170 lbs
        9/4 body fat - 33%
        9/4 weight - 150 lbs


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          I've decided my obsession with IF and eating VLC was close to being like an eating disorder. Glad it's over.


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            Originally posted by fiercehunter View Post
            I've decided my obsession with IF and eating VLC was close to being like an eating disorder. Glad it's over.
            FH, from your posts I've gathered that you have no concept of what addiction or a genuine eating disorder is. It is not the same thing as temporarily being a little too extreme or being overly aggressive and insulting people for disagreeing just to completely change your opinion three months later, which is what you consistently do. I suggest you stop posting about things you don't have experience with or understand. It's really getting annoying. You have a tendency to trivialize some very series disorders and it's not helping anyone.