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How long will it take to develop a deficiency?

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  • How long will it take to develop a deficiency?

    Hi, PB noob here with a question about nutrition.

    How long does it take before one develops a nutrient deficiency? and even more, how long will it take before that deficiency manifests as an external issue?.

    I've been eating according to the PB for 2 whole weeks now, but before that I was eating following Tim Ferriss 4hb (3 more weeks). So I've been low-carb for more than 5 weeks now. Previously I ate "healthy" (I mean that as in the book, not as in CW) except with a dose of bad carbs (I didn't know better). But I like my veggies, I don't shun my fats and I definitely enjoy my meat.

    The last 6 days though I've suffered from migraines and the occasional fever (like in at least once a day). I don't know if I am eating too much protein or not enough of a specific type of veggie or what.

    Because of what I've described above, I don't think it's the low carb flu, in fact I seriously doubt its a deficiency (I might just be sick and thats all), but I would like everyone's input.

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    What do you think you'd be deficient in?

    Really depends on the nutrient, some needs to be eaten every day, others can be stored by the body.

    Go to your Dr or play around with food amounts/proportions, depending how bad you feel??


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      In reality it is more of an open question.

      1. I'm not saavy enough in the matter of nutrients to even venture a theory on what I could be deficient in (most people in this forum seem to hold tomes and tomes of knowledge on it, though).
      2. I suspect me feeling ill could be due to different circumstances (weather always seems to affect me and it's been really crappy these past days, and the added stress of my GF being on a business trip, so I'm taking care full time of the baby).

      But I want to learn more about the subject.

      Can you give some examples of the ones you must get everyday? (thanks for the reply, btw)


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        I use to enter what I eat. It also provides a nutrition graph. Not sure if it's exact or not, but I notice I seem to be deficient in some things most days (at least according to the FDA--but that's another story). Try logging your foods and see if there's something that you think you're missing: calcium, thiamin, Vitamin A, etc. Then find a few foods that would meet those needs and eat them more often. Someone else here might also suggest getting a panel done from your physician.


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          I can't think of any nutrient deficiencies that cause a fever, so I would be suspicious that something else is going on.

          Migraines can be caused by magnesium deficiency though - which can be very easy to develop even on a primal diet.
          Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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            I created an account, and logged in yesterday's meals, the only two things I'm 'worryingly' low on is fiber and vitamin D (I got 30 percent of RDA)... but I think this exercise takes way too much time for me to do it everyday, as I cook from scratch everyday, so maybe it is something I can do every now and then during the weekends...

            Thanks for the tip!


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              @jammies, well it's reassuring to know that it is not likely to be a deficiency ^_^

              I'll look into magnesium-high foods see if that helps.



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                Maybe a sleep deficiency?

                Your original question is a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string?' one. It depends absolutely on the nutrient and the individual. Organ meats, fish and a big variety of vegetables should have you covered - good suggestion from Jammies about the magnesium, though.