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    So, one of the things I've noticed since I started this thing a couple weeks ago is that I'm sleeping much more soundly, and not waking up at night as often.

    However, most days it's really hard to get out of bed. Before I started the PB, it wasn't really a problem, even if I'd only logged 4-5 hours of sleep.

    Another thing is that I feel like turning in several hours earlier than before. This leaves me in a quandary because I'm a single dad and usually pack in cooking for me, work outs, etc. after my kids are in bed. I could really use those nighttime hours.

    Besides the dietary changes, not much else has changed in my lifestyle. Does eating like this lead to changes in the Circadian rhythm? Maybe less influence from carbs/sugar? Anyone else experience this?

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    Yes, i get tired and want to goto bed at 8:30pm sometimes where before i wouldnt even get tired till 11pm. I think as you get more intune with your body, it will give you stronger signals on what it wants you to do. I just say listen to it My body is the boss!

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      I don't know what I'd do if I needed to keep late hours, that would be tough. I do find that I need to sleep earlier and rise earlier. Not that it's easy to rise, I never "feel" like it at the time. But I feel much much better when I do (just like when I "feel" like having bread but don't). But I sleep ever so much more soundly if I get up early, when I wake up. For me, it's the difference between being really tired and ready for sleep vs going to bed because "it's" time. I really think that parallels the concept of letting yourself get honestly hungry before you eat instead of eating by the clock.


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        i get sleepy and sleep much more soundly although i feel like a party pooper socially haha.

        i enjoy the end of the day come 10pm or so and feeling physically tired from a good days work. makes sleeping that much easier

        however length wise i differ... when i sleep I SLEEP- saturday/sunday mornings i will lay in bed as long as humanley possible before i cant take it anymore!

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