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Pre-exam fodder...sillyish question sorry!!

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  • Pre-exam fodder...sillyish question sorry!!

    Hey folks!!

    I am a newbie here and absolutely live primal/paleo (but I will save that for the intro forums hehe)

    So tomorrow I officially start my A level exams and tomorrow is of vital importance as I cannot drop my grade in it whatsoever - eek!!

    So I want to keep not only my mind calm but my body as well.

    What do you guys suggest as the perfect nutrition for a 2 hour exam involving writing: pure fats and proteins? Include some carbs too? Should I IF (my exam starts at half one) as sometimes I don't have breakfast out of lack of hunger but then I don't want to feel tired or distracted during the exam!

    I was thinking of a nice big omelette and veggies cooked in coconut oil - my usual fare, would my brain require any low GI carbs for optimum performance?

    Again I know this question is so stipid and odd but I've prepped and revised all I can but now want to make sure theres nothing that will distract me - I'm so nervous!! D:

    Thanks guys!!!

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    If you can't eat because you are so nervous, do not eat, but take a protein shake along with you, in case you do get hungry so you can fuel up and don't get fidgety. Whey is not the best, but it is the best option for low salt steady energy. Add some coconut milk to it to carry you on on fats. if you can tolerate dairy, maybe some Greek yogurt.

    Avoid everything that causes ups or downs, like sugars, coffee and fruit; avoid salt and spices to not trigger bathroom unrest; I would also avoid anything interfering with digestion, even fresh veggies.

    Your omlette sounds great, since it is familiar and you are accustomed to it.

    Good luck on your exam!
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      My husband just did 4 law school exams in a week -- each day I made him a 3 or 4-egg omelet with cheese and mushrooms (cooked in butter), two turkey sausages, a salad and some coffee with heavy cream -- so basically lots of fat. He usually doesn't eat breakfast, so right before his exams it really energized him.


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        Ahh thanks so much guys!! I was leaning towards the high fat idea and this confirmed it. Omelettes are my fave so a good excuse to munch on them too for exam comfort! KatieCHI I hope your husband's law exams went well - my sisters did law so I know it can be brutal haha!