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Kinda bonked mtn biking

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  • Kinda bonked mtn biking

    Hey guys , i am only three days into eating paleo and am enjoying it, but i have a question. My diet for the last three days has been three eggs and some free range ground beef for breakfast, a big ass chicken salad with evoo and lime juice for lunch, some nuts for snacking and meat and veggies for dinner. The only carbs have been veggies and a little tomato on the salad.

    I went mtn biking for an hour today. It was very hot and humid, which i usually dont like, but i really felt lethargic, somewhat due to the heat, but I am wondering if this is the low carb flu? Should i have eaten some fruit before or after riding? Are my carbs too low? I feel great outside of the rough ride. Thanks!

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    yeah, that's lack of carbs. could also be lack of water and/or electrolytes.

    you can deal with this by trying your best to keto adapt, which works well for some people, at least for a time. or shortening your exercise, and railing against the evils of cardio. or eating some carbs.


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      I've been primal since Nov '11. I still ate some potatoes and my carbs were in the 80-100g range. Three weeks ago I decide to go into ketosis to make sure I was keto-adapted. Before starting I was already in ketosis (5mg/dL bottom of the scale). I cut my carbs down to <10g a day for a week. After 3 days (up to 15mg/dL of ketones) I tried my 5 mile run and that was hard!! Day 7 I was at 80 mg/dL (second highest on the scale) and tried another run. I felt great! Hit my 1.5 mile mark and felt the reserves kick in and I had no problem finishing the 5 miles.

      Pick up your fat content. Eat some your body switch to burning fat.



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        It's low carb flu. Eat more fats, remember it's probably going to take your body a few weeks to make the transition to fat burning. Same thing happened to me in the beginning.


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          Thanks for the replies. I think my fats have been reasonably high. I have had some cheese, nuts, grass fed ribeye( much leaner than conventional beef). I had sausage yesterday with my eggs. If i do increase the carbs on the days i ride, would you recommend starchy potatoes or fruit? And should i consume it at a certain time in relation to my ride? I am not opposed to riding this out without increasing my carbs yet, but i am pretty active, so i dont think some fruit or potatoes on ride days would hurt me too much. I could be wrong?


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            I do about 6,000 miles of road riding per year and went Paleo, more or less, 1 year ago. It took me at least 3 months to get to the point that I could ride without a bowl of oatmeal in me. I've never been much of a bonker but I did once while trying to quit cereal and oatmeal which really caused me to think that I might not pull it off.

            Fast forward to a couple of months ago. I was riding from the Catskills area to Beacon, NY, 94 miles. 4 eggs, a yam 4 pieces of bacon and some greens for breakfast. I got to Monticello and decided it was a bit early to stop and eat, thought I'd go on to Westboro for that. When I got to Westboro I couldn't find a place where I wanted to eat, got to thinking about it and realized I still wasn't exactly starving and I was close enough to Beacon to make it without eating. 94 miles on a bottle of Gatorade and an energy bar. Never would have thought it. Never.