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Can thyroid gland regenerate?

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    OP has Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid. I have that same condition, and it is IRRESPONSIBLE for anyone to suggestion iodine supplementation. As someone has mentioned, with Hashi's, that's like throwing gasoline on the fire; it will cause further problems.

    The OP's question about 'regeneration' of the thyroid can be answered simply. It doesn't happen with Hashi's. I've only been diagnosed for 10 years (the OP much longer), and an ENT doctor I consulted about another issue commented that my thyroid was likely 'dead' by now. The OP has had this disease much longer, and damage to the thyroid is likely extensive. No reputable physician talks about 'regeneration' of the thyroid gland that has been attacked by Hashi's.

    I take both T4 and T3 hormones, since it's characteristic of Hashi's to have 'conversion' problems. When that happened, and my T3 tanked, I was a total basket case. I know only too well how I would be unable to function without my thyroid hormones, and my body simply doesn't produce enough for me to function without supplemental hormones.

    I don't like the idea that I must take these hormones for the rest of my life, but I like the alternative a lot less. At age 71, my thyroid hormones are the only Rx I take, but they are essential to keep me healthy since the thyroid controls so many bodily functions.

    Any questions about treatment should be referred to one's personal physician--not debated on the internet by people who know little about this condition but have strong opinions.
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      Originally posted by belphoebe View Post
      I made the mistake of taking iodine, thinking I was doing something good for myself and I got iodine induced autoimmune hypothyroidism. It DESTROYED my thyroid and sent my life into a tailspin. STAY AWAY FROM IODINE TREATMENTS PLEASE! THEY ARE DANGEROUS. Especially for the thyroid. A once daily supplement and a proper diet will give you all the iodine you need. Anything more is dangerous. Take it from me. Don't make the same mistake I made. I almost died and am lucky to be alive. Find a doctor you trust, preferably an MD who also does TCM. Consult with that doctor before you take ANYTHING. A good doctor would know iodine is, yes, like throwing gasoline on a fire for hashimotos. Stay away!
      This is kind of a bizarre first post, but thank you for sharing.

      I have had been hypothyroid for almost 10 years now, with no known cause, just high TSH and cold feet. I was taking Synthroid for 8 years or so, then found PB, lost tons of weight and got into the best shape of my 48 year old life. I quit taking the Synthroid and my TSH crept slowly up. When it got out of range, I started on Armour. The Armour corrected it very slowly and made me feel hyperthyroid. My T3 was out-of-range high and T4 low-normal. New doc put me back on Synthroid and we are tweaking it now.

      In numerous visits to respected Endocrinologists over the years, not one ever mentioned an Iodine deficiency. I was toying a few years ago with doing the iodine drops, but decided to eat tons of seafood and a brazil nut a day (selenium). Eating 4-8 oz a day of good salmon, oysters, sardines, or shrimp etc... did absolutely nothing for my thyroid.

      I'm glad I did not go crazy with iodine after reading this today.


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        About 4 years ago I did a biofeedback at a local healthfood store. Thyroid came up as being a problem so she suggested I take Iodoral. I don't remember how much I was taking but I took it for a while. I certainly don't remember feeling any better while taking it.
        Fast forward about 1 year and I finally talked my endo into checking my thyroid and guess what... I was hypothyroid. I have type 1 diabetes and looking back I've had hypo symptoms for 10+ years and none of my endos would check my thyroid and when they did I was put on levothyroxine and then synthroid.
        Now I'm on Naturethroid and looking into low dose naltrexone in the near future.

        Anyway... looking back I think the Iodoral did more harm than good.


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          It has next to no chocolate in it.