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Still not losing much weight

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  • Still not losing much weight

    I have given up all grains and am choosing this way of eating primarily for weight loss and health benefits. I am a sedentary female, height 5ft 6in and weigh about 74kg. I have to take thyroxine as I have only half a thyroid gland. I would like to get back to before I gave up smoking weight of around 64kg.

    My typical day would be

    Beakfast (if I am hungry) -two scrambled eggs with butter and splash of milk,

    Lunch - usually not hungry but may have some nuts or cheese and olives

    Dinner - about 120g of either meat with salad and brocili or fish usaully with loads of salad leaves, and an olive oil based dressing.

    I drink about two coffees with cream and two tea with milk, also one or two white wines in the evening.

    I tracked my food yesterday and got through 1700cals, 100g protein, 129fat (all the olive oil and butter) and 30g of carbs.

    Sometimes I am not hungry all day so just eat an evening meal so cals are about 1000.

    been on this eating plan for a month now and have only lost two kg. where am I going wrong?

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    I had nuts as part of my own "muesli" for breakfast. When I counted calories, I found that I could have two scrambled eggs and smoked haddock for half the number of calories. Wine is also empty calories. Having said that, I think losing 1lb per week is fine and so drink wine & eat dark chocolate myself as treats.
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      There are lots of people with different experiences, but I can tell you that if I include dairy at all in my diet, I do not lose weight. Period. And I've done a lot of experimentation with it, because I love dairy! I'm sure other folks will have good input as well, but that would be my immediate suggestion. Try nixing dairy and see if it makes any difference. If not, you can always go back to it.


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        Well, you're not really going wrong. You don't have a lot to lose so naturally the weight isn't flying off as it would for big people. Think of it this way, if you're committed to eating this way for life then you'd be doing it anyway even if you weren't losing weight, right? So that 2kgs is a bonus

        But being practical, that example day you gave would no way add up to 1700cals. The food by itself would barely reach 1000, depending on how many nuts/butter/cheese/dressing you're talking about, but I still don't see how it could be 1700. Possibly that's just because the example day you chose to describe was a lower calorie day? I don't know, but just thought I'd point that out in case anyones advice seems off.

        Are you exercising? I find when weight loss is slow, lifting weights always bumps me down nicely. I only do weights once a week, I'm pretty sedentary myself.

        You could potentially try lowering the milk and white wine, they're potentially an issue especially if it's an every day thing.

        Carb cycling is another thing people find useful, and it's easy to do without paying too much attention. You sound like you're basically low carbing, even if not on purpose, which could be slowing you down especially with half a thyroid. Try a few days a week higher carbs - sweet potato, even some white potato, a bit of fruit, some people have white rice, berries, fermented dairy, carrots, green beans.

        All in all, I think your progress is great, as I said above, if this is a change for life then losses are just a bonus huh.
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          Sorry I meant to say 2lb weight loss not 2 kg. When you say dairy do you mean all butter, eggs, cream and cheese? I eat a lot of eggs and do like my blue and hollumi cheese. I could probably go without milk and cream though.


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            I find that I can eat eggs with no negative impact on my weight, but anything that's made with milk or cream is just right out. So yeah, no butter, cream, or cheese of any type.


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              What would I cook with if no butter? I use coconut oil but only for chicken as I get sick of the taste.


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                We use coconut oil sometimes, walnut oil, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil (Bariani is an awesome brand if you can find it where you are). Olive oil and high heat aren't super compatible though. You could probably also use the fat drippings from whatever meat you're cooking with your meal. And sometimes if I'm just sauteeing some veggies for omelettes, I just do it with a little bit of water which works just as well.


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                  eggs are not dairy but meat. the wine is likely causing you problems if it's often enough.


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                    What about goats cheese and hollumi cheese, these are my favs. I do drink about three bottles of wine a week though!


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                      You barely eat anything at all. You probably have reached your potential. Only thing left is to stop being so sedentary. Calisthenics, weights, sprinting ought to help improve your tone. Toss out your scale, though. You need to gain some muscle and up-regulate your metabolism, which has probably been slowed to a crawl, so if you choose to exercise more you'll feel more hungry and you will need to eat more.
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                        You aren't going wrong. If you are sedentary and eating 1700 calories a day, I'd expect that kind of loss. By contrast, I am active, and only lose eating around 1400 calories a day and then it is only 2-4 lbs a month.

                        I'd start exercising- walk, weight train or eat a little less.

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                          Originally posted by ilovedogs View Post
                          What about goats cheese and hollumi cheese, these are my favs. I do drink about three bottles of wine a week though!
                          3 bottles of wine a week does sound like a lot. That's a lot of sugar. I guess if I were in your shoes, I'd try reducing either the cheese or the wine (or both) and see if you start getting the results you want. Honestly, if you really love cheese, maybe start with nixing the wine? I bet nixing both those things would get you going in the right direction, but if you nix both at once, you won't know for sure which one is the culprit or if both were.


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                            The reason you're not hungry is because your metabolism is slow, probably due to complications related to your thyroid. You might want to start tracking your temperature and pulse if you don't already; a pulse below 75-85 indicates a slow metabolism. Try to eat more, at least 2,000 calories every day. Drink more milk and have some ice cream; ice cream I've read is very pro thyroid.


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                              Originally posted by ilovedogs View Post
                              Sorry I meant to say 2lb weight loss not 2 kg. When you say dairy do you mean all butter, eggs, cream and cheese? I eat a lot of eggs and do like my blue and hollumi cheese. I could probably go without milk and cream though.
                              Eggs are only classified as dairy for industry and grocery store purposes. Eggs are very different things than Milk-based products. Drop the cheese, yogurt, milk, creme, etc if you think it is bugging you. Keep the eggs.