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Calling any recovered EDs - I need som help with binge-fast-binge cycle

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  • Originally posted by jimhensen View Post
    You know what stopped a binge in its tracks for me? 2 scoops of whey protein and some water. I had already eaten a meal and was about to start picking at everything around (and I did a little, on my way to a binge) and then I had protein and water and I got full...almost uncomfortably full. It was like the whey somehow made everything else that I ate register in my brain.
    That's good, but it's too sweet for me and would set of a sugar craving I think. Far too much like a milkshake! I have been eating meat if I'm hungry. But haven't needed to for last few days as I'm eating enough at meals. It's goo to know you can drink the whey again if you need to isn't it?


    • Originally posted by YogaBare View Post
      Hey guys,

      I think I've stumbled upon something...

      I felt myself going on another downward spiral. I keep hearing that I should eat more fat when I feel like this, so I usually go for nuts (big mistake lol), but today I tried eating avocado, greek yogurt... but the craving was still there. I feel disgusted to say it, but in desperation, I decided to eat butter by itself. I ate two small pieces, and my urge to binge totally disappeared. I'm completely shocked.

      Every time I binge is like an itch I can't scratch. No food will satiate the craving, but I keep going until I feel sick... and even then, the craving is still there.

      This is literally the first time ever that I have eaten something mid-binge and it has knocked me out of the feeding frenzy.
      Wow. I don't think I could eat straight butter, but I did find myself licking the bacon grease out of the fying pan the other day

      Nuts = danger zone for me too. I had some chicken breast and mayonaise the other night and as if by a miracle it hit the spot too. I would never binge on meat, so I'm guessing if I'm hungry then meat will hit the spot. If I'm not hungry enough to eat meat then it's limbic hunger.

      Good work YogaBare - it's all about the fat I think.