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Suggestions for Breakfast. Is 6 eggs per week too much?

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  • Suggestions for Breakfast. Is 6 eggs per week too much?

    I'm looking for some ideas for breakfast. I'm starting week 2 and getting tired of 1 hardboiled egg, and a handful of raspberries or blueberries. Any suggestions?
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    I usually eat 6 eggs in a sitting :/ I would imagine that I wouldn't be too far off from the norm around here. What do your other meals look like?
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      Try sauteeing ground turkey/beef/lamb patties in a sausage seasoning (I use a blend I mix myself from a recipe in Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan) and have that for breakfast as 'sausage' without the nasty ingredients/fillers in storebought.

      You can do nuts for breakfast if you make fake granola, but that can wind up being too many nuts FYI.

      Coconut flour blueberry muffins (those have 1/2 egg per muffin) - I use the recipe at but half the sweetener to just 2.5 Tbsp of raw honey for the entire dozen muffins

      Sweet potato hash is really good - shred up a sweet potato, saute with your favorite fat (I like both coconut oil and butter) and serve. Throw some green vegetables in it too.

      Sauteed spinach with lemon is delicious for breakfast - I pair it with scrambled eggs.

      Leftovers are always good.

      Something with chicken or a steak for breakfast also sounds appetizing.

      Some people like bacon for breakfast but we use it more as a condiment around here and not as a straight protein source.
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        I start my day with "bulletproof" coffee (coffee, butter, coconut oil) now - sends my energy levels sky high and comfortably sees me through till lunch, when I'm more inclined to want actual food.

        I also make a twelve egg scramble that sees me through the weekdays, so I'd definitely say your six is fine!

        Not sure where you got the hard boiled egg and berries from, but pretty certain I'd get bored of that quickly, too. There are tons of recipes on the forums, so you might benefit from searching for "breakfast". An awful lot depends on what you personally find good to eat! (Sorry, that sounds horribly vague, but where I love something like steak and eggs for breakfast if I'm eating, you might think that sounds awful!)
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          I often eat 4-6 eggs per day in various forms! You don't have to be afraid of eggs. However, I'd switch up that breakfast--hardboiled egg and berries would bore me after a while too.
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            Originally posted by Louisa655 View Post
            I'm looking for some ideas for breakfast. I'm starting week 2 and getting tired of 1 hardboiled egg, and a handful of raspberries or blueberries. Any suggestions?
            That's IT??? Good grief! If you are going to eat that little don't eat anything at all.

            My breakfast today was 2 eggs and 2 small lamb chops.

            Eggs are rich in choline. Choline is good for you and not easy to come by. One egg does not have your daily recommendation for choline, so eat 2 at a time to be sure to get enough.
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              5 egg scramble with some variety of veggies and 2 oz of pepperjack cheese along side 6 pieces of bacon.....that was mine today anyhow. Skip the cheese if it bugs you.


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                I typically dont' eat "breakfast" besides coffee & cream. You'll find this easier if you stop trying to replace the traditional breakfast with a primalized version. Don't eat it at all if you're not hungry.

                My first food of the day is late morning or lunch, so I go straight to "lunch/dinner" foods. Leftovers from the night before are a good start.
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                  Originally posted by Louisa655 View Post
                  I'm looking for some ideas for breakfast. I'm starting week 2 and getting tired of 1 hardboiled egg, and a handful of raspberries or blueberries. Any suggestions?
                  I alternate between soup (mutton flap) and bacon/eggs/mushrooms/capsicums cooked in ghee.

                  Although on the weekend I had scrambled microwaved eggs (5 eggs, some cream and some butter) with refried potatoes which was awesome.
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                    Yeah, it sounds like you are trying to under eat which always destroys any chance of long term success for me. When I eat, I want to be full when I'm done.

                    Today I sauteed a little more than 1/2 lbs of shrimp in coconut oil and then threw in a handful of fresh spinach as it was finishing up. While the spinach was wilting, I beat three eggs and then dumped that in. While the eggs were cooking I sliced an avocado. When the eggs/spinach/shrimp were done I dumped it all on a plate and put the avocado on top and then ate the whole thing!

                    That's a lot of food but I haven't even thought about eating since then and it's 5pm. Whatever I eat for dinner won't be that much because I'm still pretty full after that breakfast. That's how I eat now. When I'm hungry, I eat something awesome until I'm full and then I don't eat again until I'm hungry. Sometimes I eat once a day, sometimes 3 or 4 times.


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                      I generally eat 4 to 6 eggs per sitting, with meat and veggies. I generally go through 2 dozen eggs per week.


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                        6 eggs a week is too little. I usually have two dozen


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                          I had 3 eggs scrambled with green pepper, spinach salsa in coconut oil with some blueberries for breakfast. If you're going to eat, then eat until full. This isn't a diet, you need to eat enough to fuel your body.


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                            Have you tried searching this site? Has to be one of the top 5 most frequent post topics. Yawn
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                              warm up ghee in pan, brown onions, red peppers, broccoli and/or squash, break a couple eggs over it and let set up slightly..
                              so good omelet and very filling.. add uncured bacon, if u like.. handful of berries & multivitamin afterwards and you're good to go.