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Let's start a "Primal Wins" Thread

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  • Let's start a "Primal Wins" Thread

    I wanted to dedicate a thread to any "primal wins" you may have noticed after coming on primal in the form of influencing other people. A lot of people always talk about how you can't preach to others how to eat, but if they see how great you are doing, they may get into it, which I find really interesting and rewarding. I have been primal since late February - I have lost 25 lbs, almost eliminated my anxiety, gotten much more energy and my teeth apparently (I am told) look fantastic. It must really be showing, bc:

    1. I have my whole family doing oil pulling w/ organic coconut oil bc of how great my teeth look

    2. I noticed while at my folks house yesterday that my mother has gone back to eating real bacon (as opposed to that plastic like turkey bacon) and now feeds herself and my dad whole eggs including the yolk

    3. My brother, who lost 85 lbs the CW way, is now struggling to keep the weight off now that he has a full time job and has starting researching this way of eating

    4. My sister no longer uses Dr. prescribed skin cream for my 2 year old niece who has skin troubles - she uses organic coconut oil and says it works much better

    5. Whole family now buys nitrate and nitrite free meats and produce

    6. Noticed my dad, a carb junky, eating sandwiches without bread for the bun.

    What are your primal wins?

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    DH agreed to do a little experiment~ he gave up his 'heart healthy'/whole grains/cholesterol lowering breakfast cereals after his blood donation in April showed his TC had risen a bit. The June 30 donation showed his TC had dropped 11 points. The only thing he did different was start eating eggs instead of cereal for breakfast! Other than that, he still eats his cookies, Cheetos, drinks milk~ We're working on that. I think this has opened his eyes though, about how healthy (not) whole grains are ~


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      Well, I've only been on PB for a little over a week, but I feel amazing. I dropped 6 pounds. I got over the carb flu in the first couple of days and now have NO cravings for grains. The one thing that I really like is what I would describe as "sustained energy". I now have this feeling of power that feels constant; I feel it when I wake up in the morning all through the day. I sleep deeply and I am noticing that I am far less cranky. I used to get really cranky when I became hungry; I would sort of panic. I needed food NOW!! Well, now I get hungry and it's no big deal, again, the sustained energy-no dips.


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        I talked to this sad, desperate-looking man about Jesus for like an hour and he agreed to come to our church this morning and lo and behold he came!

        Whoops, wrong forum.
        You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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          1. My mother has quit eating carbs at dinner and reduced them which is a big deal for her because she is a bread addict.
          2. My husband has gone organic
          3. My eye consultant told me he wished more of his patients were as invested in their health as me.
          4. My doctor doesn't tell me off anymore.