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I am considering going full-on Paleo

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  • I am considering going full-on Paleo

    I just read Loren Cordain's Paleo Answer. There is a lot of scientific information in there but he's kind enough to explain things simply and with few words but put all the references in the back if you want them.

    I was fairly shocked by what milk does to you. I still put a little half-and-half in my coffee every day. I have a lot of post-nasal drip. Perhaps this is my problem. I was also shocked by what beans do to you. I don't eat them often, however.

    My boyfriend appears to have all the signs of leaky gut and the resulting autoimmune issues described in the book. I am hoping he will read the book or at least if I cook purely paleo dinners that it will help him sleep and poop better and hurt less.

    I personally would like to lose a little more weight. I had started to see signs of autoimmune issues in myself but they have vastly subsided since eating Primal. I am hoping that being a little more closer to pure paleo will help. I'm not going to count or restrict carbs, just try to read labels a little more closely and serve foods with fewer "borderline" ingredients.

    Has anyone here gotten stricter toward paleo and noticed any benefits?
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    Not stricter but I have been limiting dairy as well after reading about some of the issues surrounding it AND how it is processed at the factory.
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      I generally consider myself "paleo light", but after feeling so much better off that alone, I'm thinking of going 100% paleo compliant this week
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        Timely, then, this:

        Got Milk? You Don't Need It -
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          Yeah, I've been thinking about how watered down the original message has gotten. We make allowances for N=1 with nearly every non-paleo food group. At some point its just not in line with the original theory. I'm all for testing things out, to an extent, but with the understanding that these things may not cause an immediate acute reaction.....its the chronic leaky gut and inflammation that develops over years that gets you.


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            I went more Paleo last October by eliminating dairy, except for butter and occasional heavy cream. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my nasal congestion. I eliminated grains a long time ago and rarely ever have them; the same goes for beans/legumes. I say give it a try.


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              I've made allowances for occasional beans (black beans or lentils usually) and for dairy (sometimes we have a dinner that consists mainly of lots of cheeses). I also eat fattier than he recommends and eat liberally of butter. I am wondering if even butter has the problems that he lists in dairy. It's not about the casein or lactose in case anyone is about to say anything about that. I really didn't realize the issues with beans and dairy. I'm really quite shocked by them.
              Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                i've done dairy free months before (doing one right now) and i don't seem to notice any difference at all. i've actually done the strict paleo/whole30 thing a few times before (except keeping the conventional meat and veggies), including eliminating nightshades, and found that i basically don't have any food intolerance. win for me. but, i do notice when that i lose a little more fat during these months. probably because i'm so strict and don't go crazy with the cheese and nuts, thereby eating less calories than normal.


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                  So I'm on day 39 of my whole30. Was strict paleo before w the occasional sweet indulgence and morning cream in my coffee. Since I started the whole30 in June, I haven't noticed huge differences but I have had a decrease in nasal clogs. I have horrendous allergies, so this is great. The other thing is that I'm sleeping SO well. I fall asleep super fast and usually only wake to my internal clock.

                  I'm struggling w if I even want to reintroduce dairy at all at this point. I say give it a go!


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                    Giving up dairy made a huge difference in how I felt day-to-day. If I eat dairy now (more than a tablespoon of full fat cream), I feel it almost immediately.

                    Butter and raw cheese seem to work with me fine.
                    I would say my "best" days of primal eat was when I was 100% paleo but, because I believe strongly in teamwork, I've made minor deviations for my SO (who is primal but not paleo). I would say, go 100% and see if you can keep it up. I'm big on finding the level you can maintain as a lifestyle forever rather than working towards a particular goal -- kinda turns into a "diet" at that point :-).

                    My biggest gains came from dairy elimination, legume elimination and mixing in 2 or 3 very intense workouts a week with one easy "recovery" 5k a week. Just my two cents!
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                      Eliminating milk fixed my constant (and gross) post-nasal drip issues. I used to drink at least 2 glasses a day, in my pre-primal/paleo days. I still eat butter, heavy cream, and occasional kefir or yogurt, and feel great. Good luck!


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                        I don't do beans. I would have a small amount if I were in a situation where it was impolite to refuse them, but I just can't see the point in eating something that is basically poison if not cooked properly.
                        I eat rice occasionally, but don't make it a regular habit (it usually involves raw fish).

                        I didn't do dairy for about 10 years, but this past year tried raw from A2 cows and have zero issues with it. Evidently I'm one of those people who gets really sick from processed dairy instead of just the background symptoms. Husband was never outwardly bothered by processed dairy, but after the switch to raw he won't go back either. He says he really sees the difference, and he is not into "dietary" stuff at all.
                        That said, we do not consume large amounts of dairy. We get raw unskimmed milk and sometimes cream, and I make raw yoghurt from it to consume... I cannot consume fermented vegetables due to the high salt content.

                        We also use very little additive salt in our home.
                        This is one of the areas that peeves me a bit in Primal.
                        There is a ton of scientific evidence that shows clearly that man did not evolve eating any appreciable quantity of additive salt, and yet people here say eat MORE salt all the time. All of the evidence I have read states that eating salt causes many of the problems that they are eating salt to 'fix'... and adding salt without adding potassium and other minerals gets things out of balance pretty quickly.
                        I believe that "Paleo" supports this position.
                        I specifically can't/shouldn't eat salt for a medical reason... but research has led me to believe that most people are really going over board.
                        I think that everyone should back away from using it long enough for the taste buds to reset. Many things that I used to like are now so salty that they taste horrible... so salty that it actually burns the tongue. It's quite shocking to find out that the 'regular' amount of seasoning used is so overwhelming to the taste when you once thought it was normal. This is also true for my husband who has no medical reason to avoid salt.

                        As always people will tend to do what they 'like' IMO.
                        Much like the current thread that promotes drinking cokes and adding white sugar to milk and eating gummies and whatever...
                        I'm all for some fruit... but that is genuinely ridiculous.

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                        And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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                          I was never into salting my food or into salty snack food before I went primal. I actually had to start using salt in order to deal with dehydration and cramps. I have sort of fallen back into forgetting to use salt again. I'm not sure how much I agree with Cordain about the salt, though. After all, he recommends so much fish that wouldn't the access to the sea have guaranteed man of unlimited salt supplies? And then there is the consumption of blood for inland peoples. So I don't think we were without some kind of salt in our food. Anyway, it's not a huge issue for me either way.

                          I hardly consume much dairy at all, but I do consume a small amount every day. Giving that small amount up will be hard to do. Any suggestions for coffee when you aren't at home? Like something I could put in a pocket so I can go out for coffee and doctor it up nicely? I've been able to do black--I suppose I should force myself--but it just seems like such a hard thing to drink, black coffee with no substance to it. The only way I've been able to give my coffee substance is to add cocoa powder but then I need a blender.
                          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                            Hi, I dropped dairy exactly by that reason (runny nose/sniffles) but after 40 days noticed absolutely no difference. After adding dairy back in it also caused no difference. But I don't drink milk, if that's makes any difference. Just fermented dairy.

                            Not eating any legumes had negative effect. Beans are really satiating for me. I guess I respond really well to lean proteins where my satiety is concerned.
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                              Oh no, there is natural sodium in foods... and I think that a light sprinkle here and there isn't very harmful since our ancestors did consume more blood than we did, and more shell fish if they lived coastally.
                              I just don't understand the posts I see about needing additive teaspoons... just not a natural thing to do.
                              Minimal salt is definitely better.
                              In a recent exercise at the gun range in these 100 degree temps my husband was one of about three people who didn't get sick... the other two are both on BP meds and don't eat much salt either.
                              Less salt means less dehydration and better function.
                              Husband came home laughing that it was the 3 old 'outa shape' guys who were fine... the young burger and wings eaters were falling out left and right and they had to make the test into a two day event.

                              I fully admit to being a coffee snob. I get fresh roasted premium espresso beans from a little company in Ybor City and only ever drink coffee at home, or in a place that has a proper espresso machine. And I don't mean Starbucks.
                              I tried the coconut thing in coffee... and said NOOOOO!
                              Since I do raw dairy I don't feel bad about it.
                              In the winter when I'm doing hot coffee I do add cocoa powder... and yes, gotta have a blender.
                              “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
                              ~Friedrich Nietzsche
                              And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.