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Sweating more during sleep?

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    Originally posted by alexdarwin25 View Post
    Thanks for the nice post..yeah it's all about is mainly called as night sweat and i should probably think that it is menopause..
    Being a guy... I guess I should start worrying then.


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      I have noticed this, as well as when I'm sleeping at night, I don't want the covers on me because I get too hot. I used to sleep with a thick comforter on me, now it's just a sheet and sometimes a thin blanket.


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        The first week that I was eating Primal, I couldn't sleep because I was so hot.
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          Yes... the first couple of months after going primal, I'd wake up completely soaked in sweat. It was strange, but glad I'm not the only one who has experienced this!!


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            I get hot also. After a meal, after bulletproof coffee, shortly after I go to bed around 9 or 10ish, and then again around 2-3 ish. Crazy. I was researching it, but I can't remember everything well enough to type it out. Everyone here is so smart and technical, I only know layman's terms at best so I dont even want to try. But basically, it is a good thing and my body is doing it's thing. I think so anyways.

            I am not menopausal.
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              I used to sweat like a pig at night. Now that I'm Primal, I hardly sweat at all anymore.
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