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Final week(s) of pregnancy - protein aversion and HUGE carb cravings?

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  • Final week(s) of pregnancy - protein aversion and HUGE carb cravings?

    I'm in my last week or two of pregnancy and suddenly my appetite has completely changed - I want VERY little protein and a ton of carbs. If I have any cravings, it is for carbs (not bad carbs necessarily - fruit will satisfy it).

    Anyone know why this would be? I've been primal since my 2nd trimester and have had a healthy appetite for protein/fat up until now (I'd say I was getting 70-80g protein per day but could be slightly more depending on how many eggs I ate). But at this point, honestly, I can only take a little bit of meat/egg at a time without feeling completely full, but could eat an entire bowl of fruit like it's going out of style. I also have huge cravings for green vegetables - saute an entire bag of spinach, a whole bunch of kale, etc... and I will devour it. I really think my body needs what's in those leafy greens right now more than ever. Fat intake has remained about the same and I don't have an aversion or craving either way with it.

    Anyone have guesses as to why my body has shifted into "Fill me up with carbs!!!!!!!" overdrive all of a sudden? I'm guessing there is some energy shifting needed as my body prepares to give birth?

    Thanks for any insight .
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    Your baby is growing at a huge rate and carbs really fuel this. Stick with healthy choices and you'll be in good shape.


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      Your body is completely drained of energy. Protein is great and all and fat is healthy, but under times of stress you need glycogen as fuel. The more stressed your body is, the less it will utilize fat and the more it will utilize glucose. If you don't have glycogen readily available, it'll make its own - by breaking down your muscles and skeletal tissues in a very stressful and inefficient process.

      Eat carbs. Just choose healthy carbs. It is very important to understand that carbohydrate is just as healthy as fat assuming the sources are real food sources. Sweet potatoes and apples are just as Primal/Paleo as steak and avocado. Hell, they're far more Primal/Paleo than butter, sausage or bacon! Just don't indulge in grains, legumes and refined sugars to get your carb fix. Make yourself some sweet potato fries. Fry some plantain slices on coconut oil. Broil some bananas in the oven (they turn into something resembling brown sugar...omg). Have a big bowl of Greek yogurt with blueberries and sliced strawberries if you do dairy. Whip up some mashed potatoes with some butter and chives. This is my favorite carb:

      Spicy Sweet Potato Fries with Dipping Sauce | The Caveman Eats

      Sweet potato fries are...omg. I love them.

      White potatoes are actually a good carbohydrate choice because while they are relatively low in protein, the protein that is there is very, very high quality. It's one of the highest quality vegetarian proteins you can consume.
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        I can't say why it's happening, but I do say go with it. Sounds as though you're making good healthy choices, so no worries there.
        Maybe you're carbo-loading for the hard, athletic work of labour that is to come!
        Congrats and good luck.


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          The body might needs more carbs, plain and simple. Eating a small portion of these at each meal will help curb the cravings over time. Eating them with a small portion of fat and protein and you should be able to manage (it's not a cure, just a management way) the cravings over time. Proteins and carbs for pregnant women are important, and they boost serotonin pretty quickly.


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            Dude, this thread was created in July. The baby's been out for awhile now. No need to drag this thread up again.
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