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    Originally posted by TorMag View Post
    Flawed logic.... A brownie and hot fudge sunday takes so freaking good too.
    But it's easier too chew (and digest?) cooked meat. Often it tastes better than raw and more of the animal can be used (skin, broth)... not saying that a fireplace = cooking, but it makes sence to me that they would both use the fire for warmth, security and cooking. I think we experimented a lot back then, like we still do
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      Originally posted by Nady View Post
      Then how do you explain the need for an essential nutrient (B-12) that is not available in plant material? Wouldn't a species that relied on vegetation either not need the vitamin, or be able to synthesize it from other food components or gut flora?
      The plant basis view I have does not mean we are meant to live on plants alone. We are omnivores - eating what is available.


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        Originally posted by TorMag View Post
        Flawed logic.... A brownie and hot fudge sunday takes so freaking good too.
        Well, evolutionarily speaking, a craving for sugar would have been a good thing. During the fall, it would drive you to eat a lot of fruit, along with the fatty meats of animals preparing for winter. As such, you'd probably put on weight, which would get you through the winter that would definitely have less food availability.

        We just don't have that food restriction anymore. So we're living in an eternal Fall without the following Winter to drain all the fat away.
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          Dont know if this was covered earlier in the thread (no time to read seven pages) but surely controlled fire and therefore cooking out-dates homo sapien sapiens?

          Also, how would somebody 'boil' anything without using metal? You can purify water using hot rocks in a birch bark 'pot' or similar but I can't see a sustained boil being possible/practicable.

          Sorry if that sounded harsh , chris
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            You can boil water in a plastic bag over a fire (like the flame of a Bunson burner) the liquid keeps the bag cool, below its melting temperature even at boiling. The same is true with thin leather, it will char but won't burn through as long as the bag has liquid in it.
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