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Lodge porcelain enamel cast iron skillet

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  • Lodge porcelain enamel cast iron skillet

    Anyone have any experience with Lodge enameled cookware? The price is right on but I thought I'd ask since some reviews on there have complained that you still have to season these things.

    Or should I just pony up and get a Le Creuset? Lodge Color Skillet, Island Spice Red, 11": Kitchen & Dining

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    Since the cooking surface is not coated, you will need to season it. However, seasoning a cast iron pan is really, really easy.

    I have a Le Crueset french oven and while it is nice, it is not any better than the old Griswold and Wagner cast iron pans that I have.
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      This one is coated with "Two layers of porcelain enamel" that apparently "eliminates the need to season."

      What did you use to season your pans? I've read flaxseed oil and coconut oil work but I'm new to "seasoning."