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Eating paleo while on tour with my band

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  • Eating paleo while on tour with my band

    I'm a musician who plays in a very busy band. We tour A LOT. In the past 6 months I've lost about 20lbs due to watching my calories, and in the past 1.5 months I've been eating about 95% paleo and been feeling great (no more grains at all, and no more watching calories), plus have destroyed most of my remaining belly fat and am now pretty lean and toned. Here's my problem though - I need help eating while on tour.

    A typical day looks like this:
    9am - wake up
    9:30am - breakfast
    10am-5pm - DRIVING. This means sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing.
    1pm - lunch stop
    6pm - load in at the venue
    7pm - dinner
    10pm - concert (45-90 mins of performing high energy)
    12am - load out gear, find a snack (the show leaves you SUPER hungry)
    2am - bedtime

    The main uncertainties for me are breakfast and lunch. (Dinner I can usually find a salad with chicken or a steak). Most of my days are completely sedentary sitting in a van, so what should I be eating? You also have to realize that my options are pretty limited. Breakfasts are either in a hotel lobby or a Denny's, and lunches are usually either a grocery store stop or Subway or something. On the last tour we did, I stocked up on canned herring and would eat a can of it for lunch along with an avocado and some cashews and a piece of fruit. Loading up on groceries is possible, but I can't cook anything for obvious reasons.
    Beef jerky is another go-to food for me on tour since starting to eat paleo, although I know there's a bit too much sugar and sodium in most packaged jerkys.

    I've got a bunch of other questions about foods I should or shouldnt be eating, but I've written too much already. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    They probably won't have this at Denny's, but if you go to a more indie cafe, see if they have hard boiled eggs you can possibly purchase and take with you for the road. I was able to find that about 50% of the time myself. If you're limited to the grocery stores, maybe get some canned sardines, low-GI fruit, roasted chicken if they have a deli or hot food counter. What cities are you going to go though?

    I hope others have good suggestions for you!