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    I've been on and off the boards for over a year, and I realized recently just how much I've taken from here. Even when I've disagreed, or not understood. Or taken things too seriously...or not seriously enough. While there are certainly runaway threads, trolls, and some negativity here and there, this is by far one of the best forums I have had the privilege to utilize over the years. And I want to say thank you to everyone.

    I recently learned what it means to be fat-adapted. Sure, I read about it, thought I understood it, but my body has to be sans sugar to get to the level of fat-adaptation. As you'll know from my recent posts, I've been dealing a candida overgrowth in my gut, and re-learning the Primal/Paleo life has been a process -- especially when you think it's already in the bag. Alas, I had a bit of a way to go yet, despite my assumptions.

    This has changed my life, this fat-adaptation thing. I can actually go hours and not think of food. For the first time in my life. I don't have hypoglycemic indicators anymore. It's truly revolutionary in my life.

    All because I read several posts of folks that made it work for them, and they came back to me after I left the doc's office with my diagnosis in hand.

    So thank you. I appreciate this space and this community more than I can express. You guys rock.
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    I second that sentiment!

    I don't think anyone who hasn't had the symptoms can understand how liberating and empowering it is to be freed from the hypoglycemia cycle. Sometimes I skip meals just because it feels so great to be able to!


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      Woot. Good for you.

      Fat adapted is a narrow road to salvation for some.. ( sorry but the biblical reference is totally appropriate here)

      I too require a fat only diet.
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        Wonderful post, I feel EXACTLY the same way, Ciavyn!!!!!!!!!
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