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What would happen if your diet was 80% fat?

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  • What would happen if your diet was 80% fat?

    Has anyone been eating a diet that is 80% fat? What side effects have you been experiencing?

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    It seems a bit unbalanced to me... balance does a body good. Why do you want your fat intake at 80%?


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      80% fat in volume? calories?

      When you track nutrients, even eating lean cuts of meat, you can take in more fat than you imagine. I only track calories, protein and carbs, and I eat lean meats with my major fat sources being eggs and avocado. I also don't use pressed oils except in spray form and those are rare times. Even so, my fat intake usually falls into the 40-50% of calories range.

      In some of the online reading, Mark advocates about 100 gms of fat/day - that's 900 calories.

      A person eating 1200 cal/day can't do it logically.
      1800 cal/day - doable.

      Some of the more fit men on this board eat a lot and are probably easily getting that hundred grams.
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        I bet you would lean out and gain some muscle. Ive been upwards of 70% and although its fairly difficult to do it certainly helped me lean out. Just putting some kerrygold on your veggies at every meal can be like 40g of fat!


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          It mostly depends. I've been higher than that, but ketosis is not my friend. Even adding carbs back in, I'm probably close, but that's due to how much I eat.
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            In a previous post I asked whether primal could help a person of normal weight loose loose weight. Someone shared that it would be more difficult for me than an overweight person. I was doing some reading online about people eating a diet that is 80% fat and thought that it would be a good option for me. I am 22 years old, 5'7.5'', and 132 pounds. I just want to loose the 12 pounds that I gained during college. I am entering grad school as a physics student and expect to gain more weight since I will be spending long hours in lab, class, studying, and being a teaching assistant. (I will not have time to exercise) Therefore, I would like to loose the 12 pounds with the expectation that it could possibly return over the next 5 years of my program. I would rather this happen, than to gain 12 additional pounds of fat and become 144 lbs. Honestly, the weight does not bother me, it is just the distribution of the fat. I have a very small waist (US size 4) and huge upper thighs and calves making my pants a US size 8. But my body was never this disproportionate before my undergraduate years.


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              A diet of 80% fat would be a diet composed of huge quantities of isolated oils and other processed fats. There is no way you can get a diet anywhere near 80% fat in nature, which is why I hate seeing people guzzle oil. Remember, oil is a processed food. Our ancestors didn't have access to coconut oil, lard, tallow and olive oil. They ate coconuts, boar, buffalo and olives. A diet of ~40% calories from fat is far more likely because if you're eating fatty meats you're also getting large quantities of protein with the fat. Even a diet of nothing but rib meat, which would be extremely unnatural, wouldn't get you near 80%.
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                If you google ”Atkins fat fast” your can see menus of 90 percent fat and go from there.. You would deff lose weight, add long as your calories are lore...


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                  That would...not be good, lol


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                    Actually, it's fine. I do it for days on end sometimes. Bacon, avocado, eggs, canned coconut milk and fistfulls of greens cooked in drinkable puddles of tallow can easily mean 80% of my calories are from fat. Fitday often calculates it at around that, not that I trust fitday too much. It's just my go-to because it's easy. But I do get similar numbers from paleotrack, so maybe it's closer to correct than I think...

                    And no, no trouble here. Think nutrient density. A little liver in there, some greens, a few nuts, got my bases pretty well covered. Protein stays high, too.

                    I'm also seeing that it's easier to stay at a higher fat % on light eating days.

                    Random day last month I hit 80%. Data got scrambled. Too bad. Ratios are there, foods are listed.

                    Food Name
                    Fat (g)
                    Carbs (g)
                    Prot (g)
                    Olives, green


                    Bacon, cooked


                    Duck, cooked, skin eaten


                    Egg, whole, raw


                    Fat, beef tallow



                    Fat (80%) Carbs (3%)
                    Protein (17%) Alcohol (0%)
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                      Having tracked my intake, I'd say that 65-70% is more easily attainable with a fairly standard LC approach (ie, no arbitrary consumption of straight-up fat) than 80%. I get that high pretty easily with big salads, eggs/bacon/beef/salmon, and a fair allowance of fruit (mostly berries), and I still manage to stay just shy of ketosis.

                      As to what will work best for you to lose that 12 lbs, that's probably going to be a YMMV kinda thing. I'd suggest re-examining the blanket assertion about having no time for exercise, though. Long lab hours can include stretches where you're waiting for the magnet/laser/modeling algorithm to cool down/warm up/finish executing, during which you might go for a reasonably long walk--and any kind of high intensity interval training can be done in far less time, with great benefit to your health and goals. Not to mention, it'll also help keep you sane!
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                        i did that for a while. you'll live, you'll be fine. you'll feel like shit though, eventually, and also feel absurd at how much dairy and added butter/coconut oil/fat you have to add to everything. it's just silly. i'm over the ketosis bit.


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                          Some will do just fine with it....others may not. Here's someone who eats about that Hyperlipid.

                          All I can say for certain is that it does not negatively impact his brain function.


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                            To the OP,
                            Try googling Ketogenic diet and epilepsy. This protocol has been used since the 1920s for the treatment of epilepsy with as good and better success than pharmaceuticals. Johns Hopkins' website also has some interesting info on it.


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                              Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
                              Some will do just fine with it....others may not. Here's someone who eats about that Hyperlipid.

                              All I can say for certain is that it does not negatively impact his brain function.
                              Ha! I'm gonna keep eating butter until I can understand more than about 30% of what he writes. The 30% I do get is awesome though. I second the recommendation.
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